Geheimnisvolle Welten - Tajemnicze światy - Mysterious worlds - Dr. Jan Pająk

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T5. Summary

The evidence provided in this chapter reveals conclusively that some UFOnauts that exploit our planet already use Telekinetic Vehicles and Time Vehicles. In turn attributes of these vehicles and various devices utilised on them, can be predicted with a high accuracy by the means of the scientific theory called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity.
A technical analysis of experiences reported by various people abducted to UFOs, reveals also that UFOnauts have in their disposal technical devices the range of applications, principles of operation, and induced effects of which lie far beyond the reach of not only our present knowledge, but even imagination of the majority of present orthodox scientists on Earth. For example, according to my findings, UFOnauts already use technical devices that make them invisible on several different principles (described in subsections N3.2 /?/, N3.3 /?/, F10.3 /?/, L2 /?/, and M1), while Earthly orthodox scientists so-far were unable to theoretically explain even a single one of them. Therefore it is extremely vital that these scientists stop the to-date negations, criticising, and scoffing UFO phenomena, and start constructive research. An entire ocean of completely new knowledge awaits for the discovery and practical utilisation. In turn devices which can be constructed in the effect of such research, perhaps one day save mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters of these orthodox scientists, and also these scientists themselves, from suffering, humiliation, and disgrace that they experience currently during UFO abductions.
One of the important facts that constantly stems from descriptions of this chapter, is that UFOnauts not only utilise their huge technological advantage for arriving to Earth and for accomplishing parasitic goals for which they arrived here, but they also utilise it for continuous hiding their presence on our planet - so that their activities remain unnoticed by us. On pages 414 and 415 of the book [1T1] referred before, a description is contained which confirms that UFOnauts have and consequently implement the policy of not creating any occasion which would realise to people their continuous presence on our planet. Here is this fragment, quote:

"Anne describes an amusing incident that occurred at the end of one of her abductions in which an alien being seemed unwittingly to betray his affection to her. She had been returned to her bed at home and was, presumably, asleep. But she awoke to see one of the beings 'looking at me with a loving look ... just looking at my face, looking at my features ... looking at my eyes, looking at them with such emotion, such love ... When he found out I was awake', she said, 'he freaked out ... His eyes [crinkled], they [got] smaller. I think his mouth did open,' ... When she looked into his eyes the expression was one of 'Oh, my God, you're awake and I'm in a shitload of trouble', and 'then he went whoosh out the window ... floating horizontal, like lengthwise ... I think he was like a doctor-in-training,' Anne observed, and 'he wasn't supposed to take it personally ... an alien would be in trouble for waking somebody up because they don't want us to know that they're around'."
One of the primary truths of life, which our civilisation realised during the developments to date, states that: "if someone tries to hide from us, this always means that such someone has something very dirty for hiding". (This truth is expressed, amongst others, in the English proverb "Wherever there is a secret, there must be something wrong".) Since the evidence presented in this chapter clearly confirms that UFOnauts have and utilise technical devices which allow them to hide from people the fact of their continuous occupation of Earth, for our own good we better start to watch their hands. Even if later could turn out that their intentions were positive, still an English proverb states that "It is better to be cautious than to be sorry".

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Fig. T1.
Telekinetic UFOs. This photograph (originally in colour) shows two UFOs type K7 coupled together into a detached configuration. (The formation of such arrangement is explained in Figure F10, whereas other example of a detached configuration, only that coupled from two UFOs operating in the magnetic convention, is shown in Figure S1.) It was published in the Journal "The Unexplained. Mysteries of Mind, Space & Time", Volume 1, Issue 1, 1980, page 4. In high quality copies of this photograph the vehicles look as if they are "oiled with white light", thus confirming their emission of the extraction glow. Moreover, the same configuration is simultaneously captured in two different positions. This in turn indicates that the photograph registered two subsequent pulses of the telekinetic state (see explanations from subsection L2 /?/), i.e. a state distinctive to the telekinetic convention. Thus the photographed vehicles must represent UFOs flying in the telekinetic convention which is characteristic only to UFOs of the second or third generation.

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