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T4. The level of technology in UFOs of the second and third generation

It is worth emphasizing, that civilisations capable of building UFO vehicles of the second and third generation, most probably also reached equally advanced level in many other areas of the science and technology. Thus many of technical devices described in this monograph must already be utilised practically by such technically highly advanced, although morally decadent, civilisations of UFOnauts. To the most significant evidence of mastery by UFOnauts of these devices of the second and third generation, can be included:
#1. Telekinetic batteries. Such batteries represent the second generation of magnetic generators of electricity. They can be observed on decks of UFOs, and are described by UFOnauts. For description of these devices see subsection K2.4.
#2. Various devices that represent TRI of the second generation. These can be utilised by UFOnauts for various purposes assigned to them. TRI of the second generation are interfaces that recognise thoughts, which also allow to identify feelings and experiences - for details see descriptions from subsection N3.2 /?/.
#3. Demonstration chambers. These exist on every larger UFO and are demonstrated to a significant number of people that are aware of their abductions to a UFO deck. The description of these chambers is provided in subsection N3.2 /?/.
#4. Telekinetic tractor beam. It is used for transporting people from the surface of Earth to decks of UFOs. It is described in subsections L6 /?/ and H6.2.1.
In this subsection we are going to review several examples of observations of these advanced devices on UFO decks.
Re. #1. Telekinetic batteries. One of the more advanced devices discussed in this monograph is a telekinetic battery discussed in subsection K2.4.1. This battery has an unique shape of a laminated pyramid, empty inside, which produces electric energy without consuming any fuel or other form of energy. Thus people who would see it on decks of UFOs should remember it easily because of this special shape and functions.
A telekinetic battery was in fact seen on a UFO deck by someone who wished to be named Richard Williams. He was one of the first people that I get to know in person in New
Zealand, who was fully aware of his frequent and repetitive abductions to UFOs. Here is how he describes a small pyramid, which he observed in operation, took to his hands, and even examined visually:
"I asked my host {an UFOnaut} in what manner they satisfy their energy requirements. For the answer, he demonstrated to me a device, which he described as their standard energy supply equipment. (Supposedly they equip with such a device every alien sent to Earth to mix with people in order to "study" our civilization.) The device had a shape of a small pyramid. It had a square base with the side dimension of around 550 mm, and it also had the same height of around 550 mm. It was made of a material looking like a plate of around 7 mm thick, whose composition resembled of our laminates. The pyramid weighted around 3 kilograms. The host {a UFOnaut} took it to hands and demonstrated to me that the bottom floor in it can be easily detached. After the floor was removed, the pyramid shown the interior, and with a surprise I noticed that it was completely empty inside. It was shiny on the outside, whereas inside it was covered with a kind of gold foil. Its surfaces looked as if covered with plexiglas, but when held in hands these surfaces felt (both inside and outside) like made of glass. According to the information of the host, the pyramid shown to me produced 2 KW of AC electric power at 230 Volts, 50 Hz. It operated only after the bottom plate was put on its place. The electric power that it produced was supplied to an ordinary plug normally used in human houses for plugging electrical appliances. This plug was mounted on the centre of one of its four side walls. My host actually demonstrated to me the operation of this pyramid through plugging to it an ordinary vacuum cleaner used on Earth currently. I checked the operation of this vacuum cleaner by switching it on and switching it off, and also by using it on the floor of the UFO vehicle. It worked perfectly, showing a powerful suction, while it was supplied with electricity only from this moveable and empty inside pyramid. The operation and output of this pyramid did not seem to be dependable on the position or orientation in which the pyramid was situated. My UFOnaut recommended, that Earth's scientists should concentrate on the development of such a device, as it would relieve our planet from currently prevailing plagues, such as pollution, over-exploitation of natural resources, etc. At the same time the research on this device would lift our science at much higher level of awareness. However, he warned, there is going to be a lot of opposition against introduction of such devices, because the energy that they produce is for free and cannot be taxed. In turn taxes are the foundation of almost every political regime that currently controls human societies."
The possibility of building of telekinetic batteries that would supply our civilisation with free energy, surfaces from a significant number of discussions with UFOnauts. Other example of an unambiguous promotion of this pyramid is contained on page 75 of a book [1T4] by Timothy Good, "Alien Liaison", Arrow Books Limited (20 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London SW1V 2SA), 1992, ISBN 0-09-985920-3. This book quotes an UFOnaut, who to the shocked expert of paediatrics and anaesthesia from the hospital named "Hospital del Ferrocarril del Pacifico in Guadalajara" in Mexico explained as follows:
"It is necessary for you to find another energy source, and it is very easy. For that which you call electricity is an ethernal energy ... it is free. It is possible to get tremendous energy if you know how to dissociate electrons, for in this way you can have the free energy you need, without contamination or pollution, and this is what we use to travel space ...").
Re. #2. TRI of the second generation. These include computer interfaces that recognise thoughts, feelings, and experiences. They are even more advanced technical devices than telekinetic batteries. They require extremely advanced level of technology. These TRI of the second generation are described in subsection N3.2 /?/. After analysing various reports from abductions of people to UFOs, it turns out that these devices are used in UFOs very frequently, in almost all applications described in items 1 to 6 from subsection N3.2 /?/. Practically almost every person aware of his/her abductions to UFOs, has an opportunity to experience the operation of these devices on him/herself. Only that usually he/she has no idea from what device these experiences originate. Amongst many applications and variants, for which TRI of the second generation can be used, and which are presented in items 2 to 6 of subsection N3.2 /?/, people most frequently experience on themselves their operation as "generators of feelings and experiences". In such application TRI of the second generation usually are utilised for inducing in scared UFO abductees feelings of trust, peace, and pleasure, which allow to subject them to undisturbed exploitation and examination, which usually are very painful. After inducing these feelings, UFO abductees usually are not so scared, and begin to cooperate with UFOnauts for accomplishing goals of given abductions. (Examples of such situations are presented in paragraphs N-30 and N-52 of Appendix A from monograph [2e].)
Another application of these devices, also utilised frequently in UFOs, is their use as "modifiers of appearance". This use is described in item 5 from subsection N3.2 /?/. It should be emphasized here that UFOnauts very frequently assume an appearance, in which they feel more acceptable for people. They utilize for this purpose the capabilities of TRI of the second generation that they have in their vehicles. These TRI produce in human minds the required pictures of UFOnauts. One of the more interesting cases of such assuming by an UFOnaut the appearance of a person that was well known to a given UFO abductee, is described on pages 202 to 203 of the book [1T1]. This case reports on experiences of someone called Sara, who went to skiing expedition alone, i.e. without her friend Miguel. However, at night in the hotel appeared an UFOnaut, which initially was looking exactly like Miguel. Then it turned out that this UFOnaut really looks like a lizard or a snake. The similarity to the friend of Sara named Miguel, this UFOnaut assumed only temporary in order to break the barrier of strangeness or an initial disgust. Here is the exact quotation of the most relevant parts of this quite long description:
"Miguel had not gone on the ski trip with Sara, but 'the minute I bumped the corridor Miguel was in the room' ... It was as if 'a being that looked like Miguel' or 'a disguise of Miguel' came through. ... The head was the most prominent part of the body and was 'shimmery', looking 'reptilian', almost 'snakelike, serpentlike' and quite elongated. 'Red vein-things' made the head appear like 'a body turned inside out'. ... It was 'sweet', she said for the being to 'put on' the Miguel costume in order to bridge the gap of unfamiliarity."
One of the most vital lessons that result from the above description is, that most probably in the history of our contacts with UFOs, both UFOnauts and their vehicles frequently show themselves to people only after firstly adopting the appearance that was the most acceptable to people of a given historic epoch. From the above originates the excellent explanation why in the antiquity and medieval times UFOs were always seen as "planets" and "comets", near the end of last century UFOs show themselves to people as "airships", while in 50s of 20th century the same vehicles were frequently noted as "ghost rockets". The true, discoidal shape of UFOs was established only since relatively recent, namely since around beginnings of 1950s.
The ability to assume any appearance, identical to the one that present UFOnauts have, displayed also various supernatural beings that are described by legends and mythology of various nations. The most known examples of such creatures that are known in almost every culture, are devils capable of an instant change of appearance. Devils can become similar to any person. Also gods from Greek and Roman mythology have the same ability. For example, Hercules (Heracles) was beget by Zeus just when this god assumed the appearance of Amphitryon, the husband of beautiful Alcmene from Thebes. A moment after the departure of Zeus, Amphitryon returned from the expedition and again took beautiful Alcmene in his arms. In this way twins were beget, in which the giant Hercules was the son of god Zeus, who took the appearance of Amphitryon for the duration of the intercourse, and the earth women Alcmene. In turn a normal size Iphicles was the son of human Amphitryon and his wife Alcmene - for details see under the term "Hercules" in [2T4] "New Larousse Encyclopedia of Mythology", Paris 1968, ISBN 0-600-02351-6, page 169. In subsection JE9.3 the reason is explained, for which the powerful telekinetic field that prevailed during the intercourse between the UFOnaut Zeus and the earth female Alcmene, caused Hercules to grow up to such a gigantic size.
The understanding of capabilities created by "modifiers of appearance" realises, that the appearance of UFOnauts or UFOs described by eye witnesses, not necessarily must be a real one. So a case of our meeting of a person, or an object, that is well known to us, not necessarily means that it is NOT a UFOnauts or a UFO. It is also worth to notice, that a temporary assuming of an appearance of someone that we know quite well, is just only the first one amongst many possibilities utilised by UFOnauts for hiding their presence with the use of "modifiers of appearance". Further such possibilities depend on adopting by UFOnauts an appearance of any other object. Several examples of such changes of appearance of UFOnauts is described in an article [3T4] by Budd Hopkins, entitled "Wziecia a iluzje" (i.e. "Abductions and illusions") that was published in the Polish quarterly UFO number 2(30), April- June 1997, pages 36 to 42. On page 38 of this article a case of a known American UFO abductee, Virginia Horton, researched by Budd Hopkins, is described. She met in the forest and talked to an ordinary white deer, which later turned out to be an apparent shape temporally created by the personal "modifier of the appearance" of an UFOnaut. As a main case of the article [3T4], Budd Hopkins describes the abduction of a student of University of Washington, who appears under the pseudonyme "Kerry". This abduction took place in January 1988 and was carried out into a cigar-shaped UFO composed of six UFO vehicles placed one on the top of other. For outside observers these UFO vehicles also modified their appearance assuming the shape of a pile of damaged cars. On pages 36 and 37, Hopkins write, quote in my translation from Polish: "In a moment later they arrived to a road crossing, in the centre of which one upon the other six cars were lying. ... Creatures took Kerry to the UFO, which only a moment earlier looked like a pile of damaged and deserted cars. After a typical examination, which usually takes place during UFO abductions, she was put to {her own} car and told, that all that she saw she will remember as an accident involving six cars." As we see, there is also a documented case of a cigar-shaped UFO coupled from six vehicles, that assumed the shape of a pile of damaged cars with the use of a "modifier of appearance". In Poland I met a case of a UFO eye witness in 1981, who was shocked by a change of this mechanical vehicle into an alive doe. It seems that deer and doe, are favourite pictures created by modifiers of appearance of UFOnauts. An old legend from India states that one of their goddesses appeared in the form of a cow - surely also due to the use of her personal modifier of appearance. (Probably this is where the idea of "holy cows" comes from.) I also read about cases, when UFOnauts appeared after they modified their appearance to forms of motorcycles, intelligent dinosaurs, a large owl, and a large banana.
Our possible learning to distinguish in which moment of time the appearance of UFOnauts is generated by their "modifiers of appearance", while in which it is a real one, has a very vital significance to the security of our civilisation. In the future it may allow us to qualify in a fast and conclusive manner the category to which given aliens belong. (Means to a category of invisible occupants of Earth, or our cosmic allies.)
Another very frequent use of TRI of the second generation in UFOs, is the application of it as a "reproducer of experiences". This device is described in item 2 from subsection N3.2 /?/. This reproducer is used on people mainly for accomplishing the "affiliation" of a person abducted to a UFO, with UFOnauts. (The process of "affiliation" is described in more details in subsection I5.7.) In this way people abducted to UFOs become convinced that they themselves were, or still are, UFOnauts. So in case of recalling or reporting a course of their abductions, this introduces even a larger confusion amongst listeners, decreases the belief of people in the reality and physical character of UFO abductions, and adds arguments and ammunition to "sceptics" telepathically manipulated by UFOnauts to attack researchers of this phenomenon. In the final effect, this increases the chance of UFOnauts for extending the time of unnoticed exploitation of Earth. Other benefit, for the accomplishment of which the "affiliation" is mainly carried out by UFOnauts, is the dumping of unwanted karma to people. If an UFOnaut with whom a given human is affiliated, commits any crime, e.g. rapes someone, the karma for this crime is to charge not this UFOnaut, but a human that is affiliated with him - for details see subsection I5.7. One of the descriptions of just such a use of the "reproducers of experience", which has a multilevel connection with the main thesis of this monograph presented in subsection AB1, is contained on pages 174 and 176 of the book [1T1]. In this description, the mind of a UFO abductee named Joe, was affiliated with the mind of an UFOnaut called Orion. In the description below, this affiliation of both minds is described with the use of term "identity". Simultaneously Orion surely assumed the exact appearance of Joe through the use of the device in subsection N3.2 /?/ called the "modifier of appearance". In the effect of this affiliation of both minds, in the Joe's mind reproduced were all experiences through which Orion went during the presence of Joe's on his spaceship. Simultaneously the karma for the immoral activities of Orion, charged the register of the human named Joe, not the actual alien doer of these immoral acts. One of these experiences was the subjecting of human women named Adriana to something that in our courts would be called a "rape", and for which the human Joe must pay back the karma by being raped himself in the future. Here is the relevant quotation from the book [1T1]:
"His {Joe's} own form kept changing, 'like a chameleon'. He felt 'more comfortable in a shape like them' ... Joe called the race of being to which he belonged in his humanoid identity the 'brotherhood'... I feel like my thoughts are available to everyone, and there's nothing to hide. There's no shame... Joe told then of an experience he had just a few days earlier as 'Orion', his humanoid identity. ... A blond woman of about thirty-five he called 'Adriana' was brought to him so that he could 'make love with her' and 'give her my seed'. ... Adriana was walking her dog at night when she was abducted and was 'in a sleepy state' when the beings floated her into the ship. 'Part of her freaked out when she first saw the ship', Joe said. He felt loving and gentle toward Adriana, stroked her head, reassured her that 'we care for you' and encouraged her to relax. 'I wouldn't copulate with her without on some level her cooperation, her agreement.' ... Adriana was placed on a slightly tipped platform with her head higher than her feet. She was kept is a sleepy or dreamy state ('mentally they create, like, this web ... they just drape her in this soft, gentle energy')... The sexual or reproductive act itself was quite brief. Three or four of the beings watched as Orion inserted his small 'almost hollow' penis into Adriana's vagina. ... 'It's not a rhythmical in and out intercourse. It feels more like just a rocking embrance... I can just put it in and release it'. A clear fluid 'just oozes out'. Although Joe or Orion caressed Adriana lovingly, she appeared to be split. Part of her 'is totally present' and 'the interaction feels beautiful,' but her 'stormy' fearful part felt violated."
Although the original description of the above case did not check what actually Adriana did see, on the basis of my research to-date I am sure, that if one asks her who was the rapist, her reply would be that a human Joe, not an UFOnaut Orion. Such reply in turn would mean the confirmation of the thesis of subsections I4.4 and I5.7. This thesis states, that due to assuming of the appearance of specific humans, UFOnauts dump the karma for their rapes into selected humans. In this case onto Joe. Furthermore, that UFOnauts carry out their rapes with the use of a modifier of appearance. At such a technique of UFOnauts' rapes point stories of many human females abducted to UFOs, which report that they were raped in there by a "human", although the entire rape was watched by many UFOnauts. What is difficult to understand in these reports, is the fact of a public rape by a "human". We all know that the culture on Earth is such, that sexual intercourses are carried out in privacy. All males, who reported carrying out a sexual intercourse on a UFO deck, always had this intercourse without witnesses noticed by themselves. Means that their cultural custom of intimacy and privacy during an intercourse was respected in there. In turn UFOnauts seem to have a cultural custom to carry out public intercourses, similarly like ancient Romans did this. All known to me intercourses, which were done by UFOnauts, always had a public character with at least one witness watching. The above suggests, that if an Earth women reports that was raped on a UFO deck by a "human" but in a public manner, there is a strong premises to suspect, that in reality she was raped by an UFOnaut. Only that with the use of a "modifier of appearance" this UFOnaut affiliated himself to some naďve human male, in order to dump on this male the karma for a given rape.
At this point it is worth to emphasize, that the above case explains why in present days so large number of people have aware or intuitive conviction, that they themselves used to be UFOnauts. Only that later they arrived to our planet in UFO vehicles. Furthermore, it explains why the phenomenon of UFO abductions is surrounded on Earth by such a dense confusion and a lack of understanding. It also explains why so many our women abducted to UFOs reports that they were raped by some Earthly "human male". (As I am explaining this here, they actually were raped by an UFOnaut, only that he took an appearance of an Earthly man who was to accept the karma for a given rape.) Furthermore, it explains why people who accept the seriousness of UFO abductions, declare at the same time that these abductions take only place in minds of subsequent victims. Means they declare, that these rapes are not physical. This fragment reveals also a huge difference between UFO civilisation and our one. After all, in UFO civilisation thoughts and feelings of every single member are known by all others. So does not exist such a thing as a shame or a need for "privacy". Sexual intercourses are carried out in it in a public manner, etc. This illustrates also a bitter reality of UFO abductions, giving a taste of moral suffering and humiliation through which victims of these abductions must go. These suffering, after the return of victims to Earth, are still magnified by people, who attack and scoff the unfortunate victims. Furthermore, on an example of Adriana, this case reveals also a course of a "typical" unaware UFO abduction. In such an abduction, a victim is taken during some sort of a banal activity, such as taking a dog for a walk in evening. Then the victim is hypnotically put to sleep, raped, and publicly humiliated on a UFO deck. Finally, after her memory is erased and her time shifter backward, she is send to Earth to the point of abduction. In this way she continues her activities, e.g. taking her dog for a walk, without having an aware knowledge, what actually has happened to her. Her experiences are going to return to her mainly in a non-material form. For example they transform into night mares, phobias, allergies, unaware feelings, disgusts, hold ups, sexual coldness, nervosas, untypical reactions and behaviours, etc. - for details see chapter U. Usually these are treated by her surrounding as kinds of imaginary problems. Finally this case also reveals how probable is the thesis from item #5 of subsection P3.3, about decision makers on Earth being constantly manipulated by UFOnauts, so that they ignore the UFO subject area. After all, cases of such open endangering security of humans, as the one described above, should cause an immediate reaction of appropriate authorities. (Imagine what would be a reaction of authorities if there is a human rapist on streets, who does similar things to human women that UFOnauts continually do!) These authorities should initiate detailed research directed at the explanation of role and intentions of UFOnauts. But it turns out that such cases are either completely ignored, or intentionally silenced. In turn researchers who try to point attention at them are attacked - for details see a commentary after [1T1]. This in turn indicates clearly, that the decision makers on which these actions depend, in unaware manner support interests of UFOnauts, not interests of their own citizens.
In order to complement the above descriptions of a rape, I would like to also mention, that in 1992 I researched in New Zealand a case of an aware UFO abductee, to which I am going to refer here with the use of pseudonyme "Jenny". She gave me a report from a rape by a UFOnaut, to which she was subjected several years earlier, when she lived with parents in a house shelted by trees, distant by around 100 meters from a golf course. One night when she was alone in the house, she noticed through the window a spaceship that landed behind trees. Already at the moment of noticing this spaceship she intuitively felt, that it arrived to her. So she froze with fear. A moment later through a wall two aliens in glowing suits slipped into her bedroom, a male and a female. For a moment they observed her, vividly discussing something amongst themselves. Then the male raped Jenny in a full awareness of her senses and without any hypnotic putting her into a sleep. During the rape women watched this with the body language of an expert, and without signs of any emotional involvement. Components of her rape that coincided with the previous descriptions of the rape of Adriana, were that: (1) the rape had a public character, with a female UFOnaut watching it carefully from the beginning to end, (2) Jenny reported that the penis of an UFOnaut that penetrated her also felt as if it is a cold plastic pipe almost empty inside, (3) this UFOnaut also did not make rhythmical motion in and out as this is done by humans during a sexual intercourse. (Jenny reported, that after slipping his penis inside of her, he simply hold her almost without any movement, while in her the feeling of sexual excitement started to gradually grow, most probably induced by his personal TRI. In the final stage this excitement transformed into an orgasm.) At my question whether after this rape her monthly cycle was disturbed, Jenny took a notebook in which she wrote dates of all her periods starting from the moment of their first appearance. In this notebook was recorded, that for two months after that particular rape, her monthly cycle disappeared completely, then it appeared again. I suspect that in the result of this intercourse, Jenny got pregnant. In turn her fetus was removed from her and shifter to an incubator on a UFO vehicle during a next, this time unaware, UFO abduction that took place around two months later. Although I do not have the expertise required, in order to estimate the psychological consequences of this rape, Jenny herself was admitting, that it exerted a very undesirable influence at her sexual life. After giving this report, she also helped me to inspect the golf course near her former house. And in fact on this golf course I found numerous biologically active rings of more dark and more fast growing vegetation. According to my research such rings represent landing sites of UFO of the second or third generation. Other finding reported by Jenny was that during the period close to the date of this rape she noticed several night bleedings from her nose. Namely in mornings she kept finding one or several droplets of blood on her pillow. She intuitively linked them to the UFO. The above should be also complemented with the information, that amongst women who remember systematic abductions to a UFO, there are cases when these women display inclinations to accomplish an orgasm only if in the last phase of intercourse their male partner behaves like a UFOnaut. Means he either does not move at all, or moves very slowly. Although this may be just a "coincidence", we should not exclude the possibility that these inclinations are from a hypnotic program that was left in their subconsciousness after sexual behaviours of UFOnauts.
I am also aware of several cases, when human males were treated in a manner very similar to that described above. Although in our culture the use of the expression "rape" is not linked to the sexual exploitation of a male against his will, in psychological sense the consequences of such a treatment can be similarly devastating as this is the case with rapes of women.
Re. #3. Demonstration Chambers. These represent the most advanced application of TRI of the second generation. Their description is presented in item 1 from subsection N3.2 /?/. Such a chamber is located practically in every larger UFO vehicle. By subsequent UFO abductees they are named in different ways, sometimes as "recreation room", other time as "cinema room", or "conference room". A brief report from visit in just such a chamber, together with the description of feelings that were experienced in there, is provided in Appendix A of monograph [2e] - see there the second half of paragraph N-98. Depending on the situation, in this chamber is carried out either teaching, or demonstration of various situations - for example the feeling of a personal participation in a military battle or the appearance of Earth after a possible nuclear war, or carrying out important discussions. Here is how the appearance and operation of such a "demonstration chamber" is described by several different UFO abductees, namely by Jerry, Peter, Catherine, and Ed, in the mentioned earlier book [1T1]:
- Page 107: "In one of three episodes in 1991, Jerry reports being taken by taller, more human-looking, fair-skinned, blond beings to what seemed like the top of a very large building with illuminated equipment in it. She had the sense that she was at a beach or a seashore, as she heard the wind and the water breaking, felt a breeze, and smelled the sea. High up in this building, Jerry was shown scenes of missiles and other weapons. She felt this was very important."
It is worth to notice that the above report describes also indirectly the appearance and equipment of the "demonstration chamber". Namely it is on the "top of building with illuminated equipment". Furthermore, it describes the interaction of this chamber with the hearing, touch, smell, and even feelings - e.g. see the final feeling of importance.
- Page 317. "Peter said, as he reexperienced being led down a hallway where 'they're gonna show me things'. ... He saw nuclear explosions, section of Europe and the United States destroyed, 'a lot of people burned, a lot of people upset ... the human race changing', its 'form' and 'texture'."
This quotation also refers to "demonstration chamber" from a UFO deck, describing this chamber as a huge room in which in a lying position one experiences various adventures and pictures.
- Pages 160-163. "They came to another room with a sliding door that slid open upwards. The room seemed to transform from a typically spare spaceship room with tables, curved walls, and perhaps a viewing screen into an ornate executive conference room complete with shag carpeting, mahogany panelling, and a large viewing screen. As Catherine described when she reviewed the tape of this session, she had had the impression that 'the more I thought of a corporate executive conference room, the more it appeared', but when she realized that this was a kind of staging, the conference room 'images just melted away to reveal the previous images, and finally the actual room'. During the session she said she was aware of the simulation of a conference room and objected to their concocting this just for her benefit. But she was told, 'We have to have a conference, so you have to think it's a conference, so we're taking you to a conference room so you can be in that kind of serious frame of mind'... Once she was through the staging theatricals, the room was returned to its original state and Catherine was told to sit on a small, cold metal chair. She was then shown scenes of nature on the screen, 'like a camera panning a forest - trees, and there's a deer, and you know, moss and dirt and needles on the ground, and I'm getting this impression like this is so beautiful, this is so beautiful'."
The above quotation is one of the best illustrations of capabilities of the "demonstration chambers", because it illustrates the ability of control devices of this chamber to read the content of current thoughts and memories of the user. More strictly, this device reads the content of registers of the user stored in the counter-world - compare descriptions from subsections I5.2 and I5.4. Then this device makes similar pictures that it displays to patterns already contained in these thoughts and memory. The quotation also reveals the perfection of this chamber in inducing the required effects in a user, through the synchronisation of pictures and emotional experiences being passed to the user with the user's current thoughts. Of course, not knowing about this Catherine did not see at all the true appearance of the demonstration chamber, but only a simulated by this chamber appearance of a typical cabin in a UFO. The real appearance of this chamber is known to us due to the report from another person recalling his UFO abduction, named Ed. He describes it in the following manner:
- Page 46. "He was in 'the pod with translucent walls' ... The female entity 'wants to talk to me' ... A seriousness comes over me. ... Ed felt that the inside of his head and his eyes were 'burning and spinning' as she began to talk to him and he was shown different things."
The above quotation describes the real shape and appearance of the "demonstration chamber". Compare this report with the content of item 1 in subsection N3.2 /?/. Again it confirms, that in this chamber not only pictures and sensory sensations are shown, but also feelings, e.g. of seriousness. One of the vital information reported by Ed is the confirmation that in such demonstration chamber pictures and feelings are induced through a direct interaction with nerves of eyes and other senses. This in turn caused in Ed the 'burning and spinning' of eyes and head.
Re. #4. Telekinetic tractor beam. There is also a significant number of observations gathered so far, which describe in details the "beaming up" of people to UFO decks. As this is described in subsections L6 /?/ and M6, devices that do such a "beaming up" require the use of telekinetic tractor beam, which belongs to the technology of the second generation. This means that such a tractor beam utilises the Telekinetic Effect in the operation. One of the consequences of such "beaming up" is that people subjected to it are experiencing a
significant loss of heat. This manifests itself through the feeling of cold, cold shivers, rattling teeth, etc. (For an example see Appendix A in monograph [2e], paragraph N-46.) Therefore the phenomenon utilised by UFOnauts for carrying out this "beaming up" corresponds exactly to the attributes of the "telekinetic tractor beam" described in subsections L6 /?/ and H6.2.1. On the other hand, all effects and feelings that accompany such telekinetic shifting to a UFO deck, correspond exactly to the use of advanced propulsion systems based on a technical version of the Telekinetic Effect. These effects include e.g. the emission of a powerful "extraction glow", "paranormal experiences", passing through solid objects, the feeling of disintegration of the material structure of the body and conversion of this body into an energy patters - for details see subsection L2 /?/, etc. The above confirms conclusively, that transportation devices that utilise the telekinetic tractor beam, are also utilised on UFOs by various technically advanced civilisations of evil UFOnauts.
If one thoroughly analyses the descriptions of such "beaming up", then in every aspect they correspond to the predicted operation of telekinetic devices described in subsections H6.2.1 and L6 /?/. Let us now provide several quotations from the previously referred book [1T1], which document this fact:
Page 375. "I asked Arthur what was holding him in the air and he said it was 'the thread', which he estimated to be perhaps an eight of an inch in diameter, 'like a kite string, maybe ... It connects me, but I don't know how it connects to me'. Although 'I could break it if I wanted to', he felt the beings pulling him upwards on the thread, lifting him 'into the room' as if on 'a rope or something'. The thread was like an arc, or half an arch."
Page 349. "{Karlos} felt a vibratory tingling sensation in his body and then the sense that my body is dissolved or diffused into its transparency ... The body just dissolves and goes up."

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