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Normale Version: T1. Observations of Oscillatory Chambers of second and third generations
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T1. Observations of Oscillatory Chambers of second and third generations

Quite a representative example of observation of an oscillatory chamber of the second generation was already reported in subsection S1.4 (see there the abduction of Gaynor).
Several further reports, that illustrated the use of oscillatory chambers of the second generation in UFOs, are contained in the excellent book [1T1] by Professor John E. Mack, M.D., entitled: "Abduction - human encounters with aliens", Ballantine Books - a division of Random House, Inc., New York, May 1995, ISBN 0-345-39300-7, Library of Congress Card Number 93-38116, volume 464 page. This book contains a best selection of reports from UFO abductions that I encountered in my research so-far. Thus I would recommend the reader to read it, because it provides an excellent selection of evidence in confirmation of theses of this monograph, including the messages contained in key subsections VB1 /?/ and A3. Also the circumstances connected with the book [1T1] support content of this monograph. For example, soon after this book was published, the Harvard Medical School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, where John E. Mack was employed as a Professor of psychiatry, arranged a special panel of experts, the visible task of which was to find a way (and an excuse) in which the university could "legally" dismiss him from the post that he occupied. (Obviously, he must be employed on the principle of a "tenure", which means that he could not be dismissed until he retires, or puts his resignation forward himself.) The presentation of activities of this panel was contained in several newspaper articles, amongst other in [2T1] "Harvard Prof under probe over alien abduction theory" published in a Malaysian newspaper The Sun (Sun Media Group, Sdn. Bhd., Lot 8, Lorong 51A/227B, Section 51A, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia), issue dated on Sunday, 20 August 1995, page 43; or [3T1] "Mack attack", Fortean Times, vol. 83, page 29. (I believe it would be very helpful for the course of freedom of scientific research in New Zealand, if also the University of Otago from Dunedin, would firstly need to prove me a wrongdoing before it kicked me out from there in 1990 for carrying out the research on UFO explosion near Tapanui - as described in subsection A4. After all, since that kicking me out from the job, I am too scared to do any UFO research in open.)
One of the reports that illustrate the use of oscillatory chambers of the second generation in UFOs, contained on pages 150 and 151 of the book [1T1], refers to the use of an octagonal oscillatory chamber as a medical instrument that produces a healing telekinetic ray. (Other descriptions of just such a use of these chambers are provided at the beginning of subsection S1.4.) Here is what a person abducted to a UFO deck named "Carlos" reported on this subject:
"Whatever these crystals are, metal-like more than glasslike, there is light. I can see it {one of the particular crystal instruments used in the examinations}. It is like a squared tube of crystal with the sides lopped off so that at the ends, each tube appears eight-sided, but it is big in the middle and little on the edges, like it is mitered. And then the end of it is shaped like a step-pyramid. It shoots laser into the body, but it feels like a needle because it hurts, and it resembles a needle."
It is worth to add, that the use of telekinetic ray produced by such an octagonal oscillatory chamber causes an extremely fast healing of wounds - as this is explained in subsection NB4. In further part of the book [1T1] discussed here, there is even a clear confirmation of this fact - see page 401 of [1T1], the last paragraph:
"One man told me of a gash several inches deep that appeared on his leg following an abduction experience. Yet he said this cut virtually disappeared in twenty-four hours."
One of most interesting descriptions of the use of oscillatory chamber of the second generation from the main propulsor of a UFO for a healing purpose, is contained on page 53 of the above mentioned book [1T1]. We must remember that these oscillatory chambers produce a telekinetic field. Otherwise than the magnetic field yielded from the chambers of the first generation, telekinetic field not only that is not detrimental for human health, but actually improves this health - for details see subsection NB4. Thus in cases when in the parasitic interests of UFOnauts lies the improvement of someone's health, UFOnauts lead such an abducted person to the central column of the UFO vehicle that contains a telekinetic main propulsor. Over there they saturate the body of this person with the telekinetic field. This saturating practically depends on "floating" in the column of telekinetic field that comes out from the main propulsor of a UFO vehicle. Such people "float" on the telekinetic field in a manner almost identical like trainees parashuters "float" in the stream of air that is blown up from an aerodynamic tunnel. Here is how one of the people abducted to a UFO deck describes her experience during such a free "floating" above the main oscillatory chamber of the second generation from the main propulsor of a UFO. (Notice that in this description, similarly like in other ones from this monograph, the symbol ... marks places in which some insignificant for the content of this monograph fragment of text was left out.)
"The floor is open and hollow; the blackness comes from its depth; sort of; it is a place of movements, from within it, an energy or movement comes upward to where I 'stand' or float on it and it is like air, but it isn't a cold shaft of air or anything ... it, like ionizes me. I mean it is like an electrical fabrication all through the outside of my body, and within the heat inside the generating crystal structure within the circular floor space is the core of light."

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