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Normale Version: T. Sightings of UFOs of the second and third generations
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There are three categories of evidence which confirm that our planet is also visited by UFOs of the second and third generations. These are:
1. Observations of Oscillatory Chambers taking the shape of an octagonal bar (i.e. with eight identical side walls), or even a "sixteen-sided" bar (i.e. chambers with as many as sixteen identical side walls). The enormous technological difficulties needed to be solved during the development of such advanced Oscillatory Chambers justify their application only for propelling the Magnocraft-like vehicles of the second and third generation - see subsections M6 and C3.1 /?/.
2. Observations of the telekinetic UFOs and personal propulsion of UFOnauts the capabilities of which correspond to these foreseen for the Magnocraft of the second generation utilizing telekinetic propulsors.
3. Observations of the phenomena induced in the presence of UFOs and UFOnauts which correspond to these foreseen to appear during the operation of Time Vehicles which represent the Magnocraft of the third generation.
An example of the observation that belongs to the first category was already described in subsection S1.4. In two subsections that follow the evidence accumulated for the last two categories is reviewed.
In connection with the topic of this chapter it should be added that there is also a number of observations accumulated already that describe in detail the so-called "beaming" of people onto decks of UFOs (see appendix Z for an example). One of the effects of this is that people subjected to it report later experiencing a significant loss of thermal energy, manifested through feeling cold, shaking, tingling of body, etc. This heat deprivation allows us to recognize that the phenomenon employed by UFOnauts to create this beaming is the Telekinetic Effect (see subsections H6.1 and L2 /?/). On the other hand, all the manifestations accompanying this way of transporting; e.g. the strong emission of "extraction glow", psychic experiences, passing through solid objects, etc.; correspond exactly to the use of an advanced propulsion system based on the utilization of a "transporting beam" described before. These facts derived from UFO observations are consistent with the Concept of Dipolar Gravity and confirm that the transportation devices exploiting the telekinetic beam as indicated for stage 2D of subsection M6 are also in use by some advanced civilizations.

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