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S6. A photograph of the octagonal oscillatory chamber from invisible UFO of the
second generation

Previous parts of this chapter presented descriptions and photographs of the square in cross-section oscillatory chambers of the first generation. These are mounted in propulsors of magnetic UFO of the first generation. So at this point it would be beneficial to let the reader know also how photographs of more advanced octagonal oscillatory chambers of the second generation look like. After all, in my research to-date I already encountered photographs, which represent outlets from UFO propulsors that utilise octagonal oscillatory chambers of the second generation. It would be a good idea to show here and to interpret the best example of these photographs.
Previous parts of this monograph already presented descriptions and illustrations of the octagonal oscillatory chambers of the second generation. But in large proportion these descriptions and illustrations were theoretical ones. For example, they included explanations of the design and operation of such oscillatory chambers. These were described in subsections C4.1 /?/, C7.1.1 /?/, and C7.2.2 /?/, while were illustrated in Figures C3, C8, and C11 of this monograph. In turn photographs of octagonal oscillatory chambers of the second generation that were taken on actual UFOs, were interpreted just only briefly. For example, such photographs are shown in Figures P19 D, and P29. In turn general descriptions of such octagonal oscillatory chambers from UFOs of the second generation are presented only in subsection T1.
I already encountered even much more exact illustrations of the appearance of these octagonal oscillatory chambers of the second generation, than the photos that I am able to reproduce here. These are shown on a film, which I am not able to present in this monograph. This is the American film "Fires in the Sky". It even illustrates the fall of the main hero onto the outlet from one such octagonal oscillatory chambers. It also illustrates the exact appearance of an entire main propulsor of a UFO that contains two such octagonal oscillatory chambers of the second generation.
In my research to-date I had opportunity to analyse a very meaningful photograph of the outlet from an octagonal oscillatory chamber of the second generation. This photograph is so representative to what we usually capture on our photographs, that I am going to show it and interpret exactly in this subsection. It was taken in the morning just after a night expedition to a mountain in Poland, called "Babia Gora". This mountain is described in more details in subsection O5.3.2 /?/. Inside of it UFO tunnels are hidden. The expedition took place during a night from 4 on 5 July 1999. It is described in details in subsection C5 from the Polish treatise [4B]. This expedition had 3 participants. During the course of it, several photographs were taken. Because of a surprising "coincidence", three out of these photographs managed to capture octagonal oscillatory chambers of two invisible UFOs of the second generation, which that particular night were watching on the Babia Gora participants of that expedition. So these photographs have a high significance. After all, they support my claim, that UFOnauts try to hold back our searches for glossy UFO tunnels from the Babia Gora. In this holding back UFOnauts even resort to sending two large UFO vehicles to watch members of a search party. These UFO vehicles did everything possible to disallow finding of the entrance to a UFO tunnel. In addition to the above, the photographs add also a lot to our knowledge of UFOs. After all, they reveal how an octagonal oscillatory chamber from invisible UFO of the second generation look like on photographs. Many people capture such octagonal chambers on film. But usually either ignore their significance later, or try to explain them "rationally" by bending facts for this purpose. For these reasons, in this subsection I am going to present a comprehensive interpretation of that most clear photograph of the octagonal oscillatory chamber from invisible UFO, taken during that expedition to the Polish Babia Gora.
This particularly clear picture of the octagonal oscillatory chamber from an invisible UFO was captured on film by Mr Leszek Staszl. He was one of participants of the discussed here search expedition to the Babia Gora. He is shown in the centre amongst these three people from the photo on Figure S8. The photograph was taken on 5 July 1999, around 7:30 in the morning. Mr Staszl used a photo camera Canon Eos 630 with a tripod. A black-white photocopy of this photograph is enclosed to this description as Figure S8. The attention should be directed at that snow-white, 5-sided geometrical figure in the top-right corner of the photo. In the part of Figure S8 marked (low-left) a map of that area is shown, which explains the circumstances of taking this photo. From this map it is visible, that the Sun marked "SL" was positioned beyond the angle (47 degrees) of visibility of the lens from photographing camera. Thus this snow-white object captured on this photo cannot be e.g. a reflection of the Sun in the lens of the camera.
In spite of a very humble shape that it shows, the photograph from Figure S8 is extremely important. It provides us with a visual evidence, that UFOnauts do not wish people search UFO tunnels that exist under the Babia Gora. (For more details about these tunnels see subsection O5.3.2 /?/.) As this stems from my research, UFOnauts constantly watch people about whom the know from the analysis of the future, that they found the entrance to these UFO tunnels. They also obstruct work of these people, as only they can. (In a similar manner UFOnauts obstruct also efforts of all other people whose activity runs against their occupational interests on Earth.) Fortunately for us, probably in order to even the chances, the universal intellect gave us the evidence of this continuous interference of UFOs. The evidence is the photo discussed here. The only thing that is left now, is to understand and to accept the complex information that this photograph contains.
On the photograph discussed here, similarly like on other two photographs of UFO oscillatory chambers taken during that expedition, the outlines of four edges of the outlet from an oscillatory chambers are captured. This means that captured is only around 40% of the surface area of this octagonal chamber. This outlet, glowing with the snow-white "extraction glow", originates from the inner chamber of the main propulsor of an invisible UFO vehicle of the second generation.
Let us now explain what actually is this snow-white polygon from the photo in Figure S8, and why it has just such a shape, and not any other one. For a better understanding what this photograph shows, in my explanations I refer to additional illustrations. For easier viewing, these additional illustrations are attached to the photograph from Figure S8. But their descriptions originally are provided in other parts of this monograph.
In order to understand exactly what is captured on the photograph discussed here, we also need to know several facts that are presented in other parts of this monograph. Let us start from reminding ourselves these facts briefly:
#I. Oscillatory Chambers of the second generation emit the snow-white "extraction glow". Firstly I should remind here what is this snow-white "extraction glow". After all, the outlet from the UFO oscillatory chamber captured on this photo, gives out this white "extraction glow". An exact explanation as to what this glow is, is provided in subsection H6.1.3 of this monograph. Generally speaking, "extraction glow" is a type of light which is produced by all objects that complete any telekinetic work. Therefore it is also given out by e.g. octagonal oscillatory chambers that propel UFOs of the second generation that just operate in the mode of telekinetic flickering. (Notice that according to descriptions from subsection L2 /?/, this telekinetic flickering guarantees to UFOs a visual invisibility to human eyes.) The extraction glow always has the snow-white colour, means the colour that was captured on photograph from Figure S8.
#II. The intensity of the extraction glow is pulsating. As this is explained in other chapters of this monograph, the magnetic field of UFOs is pulsating. Thus also the intensity of the extraction glow must change in a wavy manner. So depending on our luck, at the moment of pressing the button in our camera, this extraction glow may be eider very intense, or almost invisible. If it is extremely intense, then on the photograph it reveals snow-white outlines of UFO oscillatory chambers, like outlines captured on the photo from Figure S8. But if the glow is almost invisible, then the photo shows outlines, which look like a shadow or a cloud of fog hardly visible to human eyes. So it takes a lot of luck, to accidentally manage to capture on a photo, an extraction glow with the intensity equally powerful like that one from Figure S8. A huge majority of UFO photographs that I analysed, have this extraction glow hardly visible, thus producing outlines of oscillatory chambers looking almost like made of mist of weak shadows.
#III. Octagonal shapes of the oscillatory chambers of the second generation. Another matter that requires reminding to understand the object photographed in Figure S8, is that oscillatory chambers from propulsors of telekinetic UFOs have the shape of octagonal rods. Thus UFOs of the second generation, which are capable of becoming invisible due to "telekinetic flickering", have octagonal outlets in all their propulsors. The shape of these propulsors can be seen in the part marked (low left) from Figure S8. Additionally the same shape can be seen in part (2s) from Figure C8 of this monograph.
#IV. Every UFO propulsor contains two oscillatory chambers. As this is explained in subsection C7.1 /?/, in order to control the power and output of UFO propulsors, oscillatory chambers of discoidal UFO vehicles always work in couples. Two such chambers always are combined together, forming the so-called "twin chamber capsules". In these capsules always to the outside is yielded only a small part of their total magnetic output. The remaining part of this output is circulated inside of a given capsule.
#V. Mode of the inner flux prevalence. Another matter which we need to know in order to understand the photograph discussed here, is that the twin-chamber capsules from the propulsors of UFOs may operate in two different modes. One of these modes can be called the "inner flux prevalence". It depends on the inner oscillatory chamber from a given twin-chamber capsule sending its output to the outside of a UFO vehicle. In turn another of these two modes can be called the "outer flux prevalence". It depends on the outer oscillatory chamber from a given twin-chamber capsule sending the output to the outside of a UFO vehicle. The appearance of the outlets from a twin-chamber capsule of the second generation during these two modes of operation is shown in the part of Figure S8 marked as (top left). In turn the mode with the "inner flux prevalence" is visible over there at the upper one of both outlets shown there. Notice that in this mode only the outlet from the inner oscillatory chamber glows snow-white. In the remaining mode of the "outer flux prevalence", illustrated with the lower outlet at that (top left) section of the Figure, always snow-white glows the outlet from the outer oscillatory chamber. In order to understand better what this mode of the inner flux prevalence is all about, it is also worth to have a look at Figures C5 /?/, C6 /?/ and C7 /?/ of this monograph, and also to read appropriate descriptions from subsection C7.1 /?/. In case of the operation in the mode of inner flux prevalence, if someone looks straight at the outlet from such a twin-chamber capsule working in a visible state, then he should see this outlet as a regular octagon. This outlet would also emit a snow-white extraction glow. Notice that in order to become visible, such a capsule would need to be observed before it enters the state of telekinetic flickering.) Such an octagonal outlet is shown in the upper outline from the part marked (top left) of Figure S8. It originally is shown and explained in part (2i) of Figure C8 /?/.
#VI. Bending of the light that follows force lines of a powerful magnetic field, causes the disappearance of the UFO hulk and appearance of outlets only from the main propulsor of this vehicle. In addition to all the above, we need to also remind ourselves, that when magnetic fields are so powerful as these produced by UFO vehicles, then the light moves exclusively along force lines of such magnetic fields. These force lines of a powerful magnetic field perform for the light the function of a collection of parallel fibre-optic cables. The phenomenon of this motion of the light exclusively along field force lines is explained in part marked (low centre) of Figure S8. Originally it was presented in Figure F32 /?/. The result of this phenomenon is, that the hulk of the entire UFO is like hermetically wrapped into force lines of a powerful magnetic field. Therefore this hulk becomes completely invisible to an outside observer. An outside observer is only able to see the outlet from the main propulsor of a given UFO vehicle. This phenomenon of hiding of the hulk of UFOs by the magnetic field, and revealing only the outlet from the main propulsor, in this monograph is described under the name of "magnetic lens". The description of this lens is contained in subsection F10.4.1 /?/.
#VII. Bending of the light along force lines of a powerful magnetic field, frequently hides from the view a half of the oscillatory chamber. Because of this tendency of the light to follow exclusively along force lines of a powerful magnetic field, the observer which looks at the outlet of a UFO propulsor from a point slightly to a side in relationship to the magnetic axis of a UFO vehicle, is not going to see the entire outlet from this propulsor. This means that such an observer is NOT going to see the extraction glow coming out from the entire surface of the outlet of that particular propulsor. He is going to see only this part of the surface of the outlet, from which originate the force lines that come towards his eyes. Putting this in another words, when viewing a UFO propulsor of the second generation from a point different than straight from below the magnetic axis of this propulsor, instead of a snow-white octagon, such an observer is going to see only around 40% of the surface of this octagon. In addition, this small fragment will be deformed because of the bend paths of force lines of magnetic field that carry the picture of this fragment. Means that such an observer is to see exactly the shape that was captured on the photograph from Figure S8. So looking at this photograph from Figure S8 we need to take a correction for the fact, that the shape captured there was deformed in such a manner.
The photograph from Figure S8 captures two complete side edges, and two further halves of such edges, from the octagonal outlet of a UFO oscillatory chamber. But the curved paths of the force lines of UFO magnetic field, and also viewing this octagon under a large angle, caused that normally regular outline of side edges of the octagon from outlet of the propulsor, was deformed. For a better understanding of this deformation of a section of octagon discussed here, one would need to view such an octagon when it is deflected in a concave mirror. In order to see other examples of the same effect of appearing of only around a half of the outlet from a UFO propulsor, one should also see Figure S5. That Figure S5 shows also around a half of the outlet from a UFO propulsor, only that this one is a cubical propulsor from a UFO of the first generation, instead of the octagonal propulsor from a UFO of the second generation. For a comparison, it is also worth to have a look at Figure C6 /?/, which explains what that Figure S8 would show, if someone looks at it exactly along the magnetic axis of the propulsor, instead of looking under a large angle. Summarising the above, on the photograph from Figure S8 discussed here, almost a half of the slightly distorted outlet from the octagonal oscillatory chamber in the main propulsor of a UFO of the second generation was captured.
There is also an independent and very meaningful evidence, which additionally confirms, that the photograph shown in Figure S8 really captured the outlet from an oscillatory chamber of an invisible UFO. This evidence is the fact, that the photo camera Canon Eos 630 of Mr Leszek Staszl, with which this photo was taken, was "telekinetised" by the field of that UFO. As it turned out later, after that particular night the electronics of that camera "went crazy". In turn such "going crazy" is one of typical manifestations of telekinetisation described in subsection U3.6. (Another typical sign of telekinetisation is, that this electronics is then going to repair all by itself, after around a week or two. Of course, this self-repairment occurs only if during the action of the telekinetic field of a UFO, no electronic circuit is burned up. The self-repairment results from the gradual diminishing of the telekinetic field that is a reason for this "getting crazy" of devices.) This photo camera started to show clear signs of spoiling. One time it kept jamming, in other times it showed various strange information on the panel, etc. In the result, Mr Leszek Staszl decided to get rid of it. Soon afterwards he bought a fully professional Minolta 9Xi.
The above should be complemented with the information regarding the size, and thus the significance, of the outlet that is captured on Figure S8. In Table F1 of this monograph a column marked "aM" is presented. It expresses the linear dimension of a cubical external oscillatory chamber of the first generation from the main propulsor of Magnocraft and UFOs of a given type. In parts (top left) and (low left) of Figure S8 this dimension is represented by the symbol "D". Knowing this dimension "aM", we can calculate also the linear dimension of "aMI" of the inner oscillatory chamber from the main propulsor of UFOs of given types. In parts (top left) and (low left) of Figure S8, this dimension is represented by the symbol "d". It is expressed by the equation (C9) "aMI=aM/sqrt(3)", where the symbol "sqrt(3)" is borrowed from the computer programming notation and means a square root from the number 3. If we carry out appropriate calculations, then it turns out, that for a UFO type K3 the linear dimension of the inner oscillatory chamber from the main propulsor is equal to aMI=0.28 meter, for a UFO type K4 this dimension is equal to aMI=0.43 meter, for a UFO type K5 it is equal to aMI=0.62, for a UFO type K6 it is equal to aMI=1.14 meter, while for a UFO type K7 it is equal to aMI=1.96 meter. Judging both, the distance and the relative size of this white outlet from the oscillatory chamber captured on Figure S8 in relationship to sizes of people, it appears that out of all dimensions listed above, the closest one is the dimension aMI=1.14 meter. This in turn means, that this particular searching expedition to the Babia Gora was watched by a huge UFO vehicle of K6 type. It has 6 crew members on the board as a standard. (In special circumstances this number can be additionally increased.) Its external diameter is equal to D=35.11 meters. It is also overloaded with various precise and highly refined equipment for listening, manipulation on human minds, etc. This in turn meaningfully indicates, how much significance UFOnauts pay to the obstructing of our searches for UFO tunnels on the Babia Gora. After all, for watching and misleading this searching expedition, UFOnauts assigned two very large UFO vehicles, each one of which contained at least 6 cosmic policemen and saboteurs. This looks approximately as if during the World War Two Germans send 2 large cruisers to watch a small fishing boat. (If such thing would really happen, then everyone would know, that whatever this fishing boat does, Germans consider it to be extremely dangerous for their interests.)
The photograph of the outlet from a UFO propulsor, glowing with a snow-white extraction glow illustrated and discussed in this subsection, is very important. This is because many people actually photograph such oscillatory chambers from invisible UFOs, only that they do not know what these chambers mean. So when these people find such strange geometrical figures on their photographs, then they try to invent some sort of rational explanation for their existence. For example, most frequently people explain these figures as internal images of the shutter from the camera, reflected from the lens of this camera. Of course, during forming such a "rational" explanations, people bend many facts and break many laws of physics. For example the explanation that these shapes are just reflections of the shutter in the lens, is contradictive to real facts in following points:
a) Wrong colour. Reflections of the shutter in the lens of camera would not produce a white extraction glow. But just such a glow is produced by oscillatory chambers from UFO propulsors. This extraction glow makes the outlets from UFO oscillatory chambers looking snow-white - if they are photographed during a daylight, or clearly glowing with a pure white light - if they are taken during a night. (The temperature of colour of such chalk white light exceeds 5600 Kelvins.)
b) The lack of symmetry. Reflections from shutter or aperture would not take asymmetrical shapes, which are characteristic for fragments of outlets from UFO oscillatory chambers deformed by the action of curvilinear paths of UFO magnetic field. For example, outlets from oscillatory chambers of UFOs of the second generation are usually captured as fragments of deformed octagons. In turn outlets from oscillatory chambers of the third generation are usually captured as fragments of deformed sixteen-sided polygon. Thus, on photographs taken under a large angle, these may come out as either asymmetrical 5-sided or 9-sided figures. In turn the majority of shutters in present photo-cameras have the shape of a gap with exactly rectangular outline. On the other hand, all irises in cameras have exactly symmetrical shapes, and have no rights to come up on photos as e.g. asymmetrical 5-sided polygon.
c) Similarity to UFO chambers. Reflections of the shutter should not take resultant shapes that coincide exactly to the shapes of outlets from propulsors of UFOs. Surely they should not look like such capsules working in the mode of inner flux prevalence, or as working in the mode of outer flux prevalence. Especially that in cases of capturing an outlet from a twin-chamber capsule that operates in a mode of the outer flux prevalence, quite an unique shape is recorded. This shape is composed from a section of two octagons placed one inside of another one. Furthermore, this shape shows proportions of dimensions that are close to these described by the equation (C9): aMO=aMIsqrt(3). Just such a shape I captured accidentally above the Tapanui crater - as described in the further part of this subsection.
d) Too many sizes. Oscillatory chambers of UFOs are photographed in many different sizes. After all, captured on photos can be chambers of various types of UFOs, that mutually differ in sizes. But in case of the use of cameras with a constant focus length of the lens, the reflections of the shutter must not take on photographs many different sizes. (Note that such "no-zoom" cameras not long ago represented the majority of popularly used photographic equipment.) After all, in such cameras the shutter is always in the same distance from the plane of reflection in the lens. Thus the reflection of this shutter should always have the same size in relation to the frame of negative. (Unfortunately, in some modern cameras with zoom lenses, the above looses its validity. In such cameras the internal reflections of shutters not always would need to have the same size. This of course would only appear in cases, when during photographing the lens of the camera would be intentionally altered from the value that is set for it automatically.) In turn even only during the expedition to the Babia Gora discussed here, several oscillatory chambers of UFOs were captured on photos, out of which almost each one is a different size from the remaining ones. Only reflections from the iris, because of the ability to open and close, could take various sizes on photos. However, such reflections always would be symmetrical and coinciding with their geometrical shape.
e) Unexplained phenomena. If captured are just inner reflections in a camera, these reflections should not be accompanied by strange phenomena. Such strange phenomena can be only induced by UFOs. Examples of such strange phenomena, that were registered during taking the photograph from Figure S8, were (1) "getting crazy" of electronics from the camera of Mr Leszek Staszl, that occurred after taking the photograph from Figure S8, and (2) quiet buzzing like an electrical transformer, that was heard during the night after which the photo from Figure S8 was taken.
The type of photographs of the UFO oscillatory chamber described here, is one of the most frequently appearing shapes of UFOs accidentally captured on photographs. Therefore it is worth to get to know exactly everything that is connected with this photograph. After all, if at some stage we ourselves find such oscillatory chambers on our own photographs, or on photographs of someone from our close ones, than we will know what exactly they mean. Therefore we will not ignore their significance. At this stage I must admit, that many years ago before I accumulated the knowledge necessary for understanding the significance of these photographs, I already saw such an oscillatory chamber on several photographs taken by other people. On several occasions I even took myself photographs of such a chamber. Unfortunately, after I found and analysed several my own photographs, which captured similar oscillatory chambers of invisible UFOs, I realised that these my photographs are not so spectacular as the one shown in Figure S8. Therefore my photos are not suitable to be published in a black-white copies. (But on someone's wish I may make them available to people who are going to subject them to a detailed research.) I also remember cases of such photographs, which now I am unable to find in my files dispersed over several different countries. Most vividly in my memory is etched one of them. It was when in 1988 I photographed such a chamber for the last time. I photographed then the Tapanui Crater. By an accident I passed the lens of my camera through the sky, directing it towards the Sun. I managed to record then, hiding from me exactly under the Sun, a perfectly visible twin- chamber capsule of the second generation. It worked in the mode of the outer flux prevalence. Most probably it belonged to a UFO of the second generation that observed my activities over there. This UFO saw that I work with the camera, so it positioned itself exactly under the Sun, giving me no chance to film it by accident.
On the basis of my analyses to-date of appearances of twin-chamber capsules of invisible UFOs, that I managed to capture on photographs and then research, already now it is
possible to disclose the most important attributes of these capsules. These attributes should provide the reader with the ability to recognise oscillatory chambers of invisible UFOs, if he ever managed to capture them on his own photographs. Here they are:
#1. Circumstances of accidental photographing of UFOs. The outlets of twin- chamber capsules of invisible UFOs are captured on photographs mainly if: (1) a given photograph is taken either in the direction towards the Sun, or (2) the optical axis of the photo- camera is directed approximately parallel to the local course of magnetic force lines. The reason why UFOs are frequently photographed directly towards the Sun, is that if UFOnauts realise, that someone takes photographs, then they hide their UFO vehicle through positioning it directly under the Sun. In turn positioning the camera according to the local course of force lines of magnetic field, requires that the camera is directed towards magnetic north or south. The deviation of the optical axis of the camera from the course of local force lines should not exceed 30 degrees. The best results are obtained when both above conditions are fulfilled simultaneously. This requires photographing near the noon with the camera pointed towards south. Of course, the condition of success in capturing an outlet from a propulsor of an invisible UFO, is that this UFO is present near the camera, or possibly on the line of the lens. This in turn usually takes place when in front of the camera is someone, who in a given times carries out activities that run against interests of UFOnauts. This is because such someone is watched by UFOnauts. An example of such people can be a person who researches UFO landing sites, who photographs UFO explosion sites, who searches for UFO tunnels, who just builds or tests revealing devices or UFO detectors, etc.
#2. Colours of the outlets from UFO propulsors. On the daytime photographs, the outlets from twin-chamber capsules in main propulsors of invisible UFOs, always come out white. However, the intensity of this whiteness depends on the luck, or more strictly on the moment in the cycle of pulsations of the field of a given UFO, in which the button of camera was pressed. In turn this white colour allows to notice UFO chambers quite easily. Especially on colour photographs. During nights, chamber outlets always emit white extraction glow, the intensity of which also pulsates.
#3. Shapes of outlets from oscillatory chambers. Outlets from twin-chamber capsules of invisible UFOs in the majority of cases come out on photographs as polygons. Their shape resembles the deformed in a concave mirror outline of a fragment of the regular octagon - if the UFO is second generation. In case of UFOs of the third generation - fragments of a regular polygon with sixteen-sides that was deformed in a concave mirror. But because the majority of photographs take UFOs which belong to the second generation, the captured fragment of their octagonal outlet usually has the shape of an irregular 5-sided polygon, as the one shown in Figure S8. In this way the geometrical shape of a 5-sided polygon with 5 sharp corners, is going to clearly differ from fluent shapes that would be formed by various imperfections on film or stains from processing chemicals. Of course, also in cases when someone captures on a photo the shape that approximately looks like a circle or ellipsis, then before deciding that this is just a stain, he firstly should check whether by any chance it is not a deformed fragment of a sixteen-sided oscillatory chamber that is used by UFOs of the third generation. After all, with such a large number of sides, their deformed capturing may look almost like a fragment of ellipsis or a circle.
#4. Differences in appearances of capsules in both modes of their operation. Outlets from the twin-chamber capsules of invisible UFOs that work in the outer flux prevalence, on photographs look as if in their centre some sort of angular break or angular black spot is located. Because of the curvature of magnetic field force lines along which the picture of this capsule is passed, the outline of this spot or angular break can be slightly deformed and slightly smaller than this results from equations. In turn outlets of capsules that operate with the inner flux prevalence have their centre filled up with uniform whiteness. This whiteness is equally uniform as the remaining parts of the outlines. As an example of such a capsule see Figure S8.
#5. Hovering of UFOs in mid-air. The outlets of twin-chamber capsules of invisible UFOs almost always are captured in such a manner, that they clearly look as hovering in mid- air. Their hovering should be easy to distinguish from various white objects that accidentally could be present on the line of photographing.
#6. Types and sizes of UFOs. All photographs of twin-chamber capsules from invisible UFOs that I researched so-far, were showing these UFO vehicles in a constant and always the same distance of around 30 meters from the person that UFOnauts just observed. So most probably UFO vehicles have a permanent program in their control computers, that always positions them in this constant distance of around 30 meters, and that continually guarantees that a UFO vehicle is located between the observed person and the Sun. In turn this constant distance between an invisible UFO vehicle and a given person, allows that from the greatest linear dimension of a capsule measured at a given photograph, the type of a UFO vehicle could be determined. After all, at a constant distance from the camera, the linear dimensions of outlets from twin-chamber capsules of invisible UFOs that show on photos, are only dependable on the type of vehicle, on the mode of operation of a given twin-chamber capsule - means on whether this capsule operates with the inner or with outer flux prevalence, and several parameters of photographing, such as the angle of lens in the photographing camera, the size of film, or the enlargement of a given photograph. So if someone takes a photo with all photographing parameters kept to typical standards, then this linear dimension of the capsule depends exclusively on the type of a UFO vehicle. Such standard parameters mean, that the person uses a typical camera with the angle of lens equal to 47 degrees, that he/she captures this photograph on a standard film with 24x36 mm frames, and that this photo is then enlarged to a standard postcard size of 10x15 cm. In such a case, the twin-chamber capsule operating in the outer flux prevalence from a main propulsor of an invisible UFO types K3 to K10, on the prints of these photos will have the following maximal dimensions: from 1.7 to 2.1 mm for UFOs type K3, from 3.4 to 4.3 mm for UFOs type K4, from 7 to 8.6 mm for UFOs type K5, from 13.8 to 17.3 for UFOs type K6, from 27.7 to 34.6 mm for UFOs type K7, from 55.4 to 69.2 for UFOs type K9, and from 221.7 to 277.1 millimetres for UFOs type K10. In turn the capsule working in the inner flux prevalence captured in the same conditions, for UFOs types K3 to K10 would have the following maximal linear dimension: from 1 to 1.25 mm for UFOs type K3, from 2 to 2.5 mm for UFOs type K4, from 4 to 5 mm for UFOs type K5, from 8 to 10 mm for UFOs type K6, from 16 to 20 mm for UFOs type K7, from 32 to 40 mm for UFOs type K8, from 64 to 80 mm for UFOs type K9, and from 128 to 160 millimetres for UFOs type K10. The above data mean, that the chamber shown in Figure S8, that works in the inner flux prevalence, and which the highest linear dimension on a print of 10x15 cm is around 8 mm, according to this data belongs to a UFO type K6. These dimensions realise also, that if someone is observed by a UFO that is larger than K8, then the glowing outlines of propulsor from this UFO are not going to fit any more into the size of a print. Thus the entire photo looks then as if "tarnished with light". Actually I know several people, the activities of which are running against interests of UFOs, and the photographs of which quite regularly show the presence of streaks of light that cross the entire surface of their photographs. Previously such photographs were considered to be just effects of accidental exposing of film to a leaking light. But this subsection reveals, that these can also be oscillatory chambers of invisible UFOs of very large sizes (i.e. K8 or above). So such photographs can also be an evidence of someone's prosecution by UFOs!
Of course, if any parameter from the above list is changed, then also with the use of just an ordinary proportions it is possible to calculate a new set of dimensions for UFO capsules. For example, when instead of a print with dimensions of 10x15 cm, someone makes a print 6x9 cm, then the dimensions of capsules are going to change by the value of 6/10 = 9/15 = 0.6. Thus for e.g. type K6 UFOs operating in the mode of inner flux prevalence, these new dimensions of capsules will be between 4.8 and 6 millimetres.
The above should be complemented with the information, that such accidentally photographed UFO vehicles not necessarily must watch a person that just is making a given photo. They also may follow someone who is in the background of a given photo. In such a case the largest linear dimensions of the capsules captured on a given photo will be different from these provided above - in most cases probably smaller. After all, the distance of the UFO vehicle from the lens of photo-camera is going to be different than these 30 meters.
#7. Intensity of glow of the outlets from UFO capsules. If photographs are taken with short times of exposure, then oscillatory chambers may be captured in various stages of their pulsating operation. Thus the intensity of whiteness of such capsules may differ significantly, depending on the stage of pulsation of the output from these chambers, which a given photo captured. After all, the intensity of emission of the extraction glow by outlet from a UFO propulsor depends on the magnetic output of this propulsor, means that for the pulsating field it keeps changing with time. Thus in extreme cases, on some photographs the twin- chamber capsules may be captured as almost invisible. Then these capsules will look like formed from a very weak white fog, through which the objects located behind them are clearly visible. On other photos outlets of the same capsules can be intensely-white, and looking as if they are solid objects cut out from white chalk. Of course, on various photographs also all intermediate states between these two extremes can be captured.
#8. UFOs are not fixed - they may fly away, or just arrive. So if several photographs of the same person, or the same view, are taken with short time gaps between each other, then the outlets from invisible UFOs may be visible on one, or on some out of these photos, while no outlets may be present on the remaining photographs.
As this is stemming from research presented in chapters P, U, and V of this monograph, the presence of UFOs on Earth is very massive. If these vehicles do not hide from our sight by entering the state of telekinetic flickering that makes them invisible for our eyes, then we would see these vehicles almost everywhere. There would be almost as many of them as there was Germans in occupied countries during the World War Two. Means that several their UFO vehicles would be visible at the same time as they hover in our airspace, while their patrols would be visible in every larger building and on every larger crossing of streets. So when, after the analysis of photographs from Figure S8, we finally have an explanation as to what these types of photographs show, it automatically inspires a question. This question reads: "how UFOnauts do this, that in situation when a sensitive film is able to capture glowing outlets from their oscillatory chambers, and when there is so many UFOs around, still accidental photographing of UFO propulsors is relatively rare". The reply to this question was provided during my accidental capturing of a UFO oscillatory chamber in the Tapanui Crater that I described before and that I remember well. This is because it realised to me that if UFOs intend to come close to someone during a sunny day and observe this person, then they approach this person from the direction of the Sun. This manoeuvre is so typical for UFOnauts, that most probably computers that control their vehicles have a build-in permanent program of such approaching. Their computers implement this program in practically every case of approaching someone. This particular finding, that in order to avoid accidental photographing or noticing, UFOnauts always seem to place their vehicle in the direction towards the Sun from a person being watched, is quite a significant discovery which introduces many practical consequences. For example it reveals that if someone is currently observed by a UFO vehicle, then in typical cases this vehicle is to be located in the direction of Sun from the person. After all, such a placement of their UFO vehicle safeguards them against a situation, when such a person rapidly decides to take a photo. UFOnauts know jolly well, that almost no-one takes photographs against the Sun, and even if someone takes such a photo, then the photo usually does not come out at all.
After discovering the above principle used by UFOnauts to prevent their accidental photographing, I started to seek, whether apart from my own case of photographing and filming in the Tapanui Crater, there are also other cases that would confirm the same. To my surprise, I recalled further cases of the same type. For example, almost an identical observation was made by Mr Andrzej Domala of Poland, the coauthor of treatise [3B]. When a UFO was approaching him, the vehicle also make this manoeuvre coming exactly from the direction of the Sun. (The observation of Mr Domala is described in the Polish treatise [3B].) In addition to this, sometimes ago I saw an American film, that was described as based on real events. It shows a small town that was intrusively persecuted by a UFO vehicle. Inhabitants of this town forced this UFO vehicle to land, by coming out to the streets and flashing back rays of the Sun back towards the Sun with numerous mirrors. (It appears that the UFO was unable to refrain from checking what happens, and it landed on the main street of that town to check this town at a close range and to find out what inhabitants of it intend to do.)
Of course, knowing about this method used by UFO vehicles to hide from us, now we are able to appropriately utilise it. For example, if one wants to capture an invisible UFO on a film, and we know that it observes us, than the highest chance we have if with some method we manage to take a photo towards the Sun. Unfortunately, this is a difficult task, as ordinary films are too sensitive. However, there are low sensitive films available as well, and there are special techniques of photographing "against the Sun" - e.g. a method of taking a photo from a shadow. In turn if someone would have a fantasy to tease UFOnauts, then during a powerful sun he/she could put on the head some sort of a hat with numerous small mirrors! Such a hat would turn this person into a kind of flashing mirror-ball used in present discothčques. Such a mirror-ball would blind and irritate UFOnauts that observe this person. (But there is no hope, that UFOnauts would land their vehicle to have a better look at such a person.)
As this is explained more extensively in subsection VB4.1.3 /?/ of this monograph, whenever there is a chance that people find any evidence of the occupation of Earth by UFOnauts, immediately UFOnauts destroy the evidential value of this finding. Sometimes UFOnauts carry out this destruction a significant time in advance, means long before given evidence is discovered. After all, from their knowledge of the future, UFOnauts perfectly know in advance, that a given evidence is going to appear - for details see subsection V5. A good example of such destruction of evidence, which in an evil and cunning manner neutralised the evidential values of English "crop circles" described in subsection O5.1 /?/ of this monograph, was the "painting of pictures in crops" carried out on a large scale in England since 1999. Various "researchers" call already these "pictures" by a misleading name "pictograms". A part of these complex pictures was shown in the article "UK Crop Circles of 1999", which appeared on pages 49 to 54 of Australian bimonthly Nexus, Vol. 6, No. 6, October-November 1999. In the result of this painting, people who saw these very detailed and complex compositions in crops of England, started to doubt whether they really can be formed by UFO landings. Their minds could not accept that something as prosaic as a UFO landing in crops, is able to form so elaborate and so precise pictures. After all, these people do not understand that UFO propulsors are controlled by computers. Thus, on the command from crews, these propulsors are able to "paint" in crops precisely and effortlessly any complex picture, that the crew of this UFO is ordering them. They do it similarly as computer controlled embroidery machines are able to embroider any possible pattern that their programmers invent. Exactly the same method is used currently by UFOnauts in their attempts to destroy the evidential value of photographs of outlets from UFO propulsors described in this subsection. Almost simultaneously with the dissemination of this subsection and subsection D2 in treatise [4B] - which contains a similar information, UFOnauts started to "paint" with their oscillatory chambers quite complex "pictures of light". These pictures rapidly started to appear on a significant number of photographs of people. They are created when appropriately manoeuvred UFO vehicle paints a pattern at the moment of taking a photo. Some of these structures are so complex, that for various people it seems to be impossible that they are formed by something so prosaic as oscillatory chambers of invisible UFOs. This is exactly the same situation as that one when people could not accept that crop circles in England were "painted" by UFO propulsors. Several examples of such complex "pictures made of light" that were left by invisible UFOs on photographs taken "accidentally", were send to me by Mr Tomasz S. Gregorczyk (ul. Wloska 15/12, 30-638 Krakow, Poland). Some of "pictures of light" painted on these photographs are similarly complex as these "pictograms" from crops of England. Of course, in order to increase their destructive impact, UFOnauts tried to also disseminate various theories about "cosmic energies" manifested on these photos. These theories claim, that such spectacular pictures made of light are simply manifestations of cosmic energies that have nothing to do with UFOs. In this manner UFOnauts again try to repeat an old trick that turned out to be so effective in case of "pictograms" painted in crops of England. Of course, the question that we should ask ourselves is whether they again manage to lead us on. Are UFOnauts going to succeed again with neutralising the correct line of explanation for these patterns of light captured on our photographs. There is about time we draw conclusions from ways these evil UFOnauts always trick us in practically every matter. Let us not allow them to also laugh in this vital matter. Let us finally believe in statements of religions which for thousands of years warn us that we are continually being tricked and beguiled.

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