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S4. Mythological descriptions of the Oscillatory Chamber

The most recent UFO evidence, as presented in all proceeding subsections, is not the only source of descriptions which document the use of Oscillatory Chambers by UFOs. Independently from this, there is also available a wealth of much older evidence suggesting the use of this chamber on Earth practically throughout the whole history of the mankind. This antique evidence originates from two different sources, i.e. mythology and historic descriptions. If the origin of given descriptions can not be identified, and their propagation occurred via oral passing from generation to generation, we will classify them here as mythology. Whereas if given descriptions originate from some written records the authorship or the source of which can be defined, then in this monograph they will be classified as a historical evidence. The description that follows is to present an example of mythological evidence for the use of Oscillatory Chambers in UFOs, whereas samples of the historical evidence for this use will be provided in the next subsection (S5).
The mythology of many nations contains legends that describe a magical device in the shape of a cube that can be interpreted as the Oscillatory Chamber. One of the best legends of this kind that I encountered so-far is contained in Chinese mythology. It tries to explain the reasons for a series of great sea floods that in 13th century troubled the south-east coasts of China (as well as coasts of New Zealand, Philippines, Korea, Japan, Europe, North Africa, etc.). The more accurate discussion of these sea floods is contained in a separate monograph [5/4]. The legend presented here was told by Mrs. Lee Kong Fah (279 Lorong Setia Tujuh, Air Keroh Heights, 75450 Melaka, West Malaysia), the God Mother of one of my students from Malaysia, and confirmed by the mother of this student, Mrs. Tan Siew Lan (294 Jalan Tan Sri Manickavasagam, 70200 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, West Malaysia). Here is the summary of this legend:
"A fisherman named Yeang Xiang-Ji gave all his daily catch to calm a band of hooligans who threw stones onto a miraculous turtle the shell of which shone with five different colours: bright red, navy blue, cool green, sparkling yellow, and shiny brown. {It is interesting that the description of this turtle exactly corresponds to the appearance of a typical UFO.} As a sign of gratitude for his generous gesture a beautiful maiden come out from the turtle. She introduced herself as a daughter of the King of the Sea and invited him to visit the palace of her father. {In this Chinese legend, the King of the Sea closely resembles European tales about Neptune.} The fisherman dazzled by her beauty agreed of course. After entering the turtle they submerged into the sea water and some time later they arrived to a beautiful palace glowing with a strange light. {Again it is interesting that the palace of the King of the Sea, as well as travelling to it, in this legend very closely corresponds to a description of a visit to a submerged UFO.} The King of the Sea, after getting to know Yeang Xiang-Ji, proposed him to stay in his palace forever and marrying his beautiful daughter. Of course, the fisherman agreed. But the condition of the marriage and staying in the palace was that the fisherman would never open a magical box shaped like a crystal cube which was positioned in the centre of the palace. From this box supposedly originated the whole magical power of the King of the Sea. {Again it is worth noticing that both the appearance and the positioning in the centre of the palace of this box correspond to these of the twin-chamber capsule from the main propulsor of Magnocraft and UFOs - see descriptions from subsection F2 of this monograph.} Of course, the irresponsible fisherman could not resist the temptation to open this magical box, thus bringing the enormous sea flood to Earth which killed vast number of people, including Yeang Xiang-Ji."
If the content of the legend of Mrs. Lee is translated into the present language, the great sea flood in China (and in other lands) was brought about by accidental and very unwise release of the magnetic energy contained in the Oscillatory Chamber of a UFO. For such an interpretation the cause for this flood would be the same as that described in [5]. In this way the above legend represents an additional mythological evidence confirming the presence of Oscillatory Chambers on decks of UFOs.

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