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Normale Version: S3. Material (hard) evidence left by UFO Oscillatory Chambers
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S3. Material (hard) evidence left by UFO Oscillatory Chambers

The evidence described in subsection S1 can be called the "court-type" (or "soft"), as similar type of presentations on many occasions are used in our courts to decide about the life or death of an accused. However, in addition to this, there is also a wealth of material (or "hard") evidence available which can be investigated in scientific laboratories. This "hard" evidence similarly well confirms the use of Oscillatory Chambers in UFOs. So-far I managed to identify two different categories of this hard evidence. The first of these are square marks scorched on the ground by outlets from the Oscillatory Chambers installed in UFOs (these marks were already discussed in subsection S1.1 and illustrated in Figure S3). The second category includes parts of Oscillatory Chambers worn-out during exploitation, and thrown out by UFO crews after replacing them with new parts.
An example of such worn-out parts of UFO Oscillatory Chambers are needle-shaped electrodes found in the USSR. The presence of such needle-shaped electrodes inside of UFO Oscillatory Chambers was for the first time reported by Mrs Betty A. Luca, in her letter to me quoted in subsection S1.4. Unfortunately, her finding would have remained unrecognized, if Mr Ryszard Zudzin of Poland had not discovered during his experiments that in order to make the Oscillatory Chamber operational, needle-shaped electrodes must be used (see Figures C2 /?/ and C13 /?/). Mrs Luca's report and Mr Zudzin's finding reinforce each other, helping to establish that UFO Oscillatory Chambers utilize conductive needles for their electrodes. In turn establishing this, alerted me to evidence indicating the connection between conductive needles and UFOs. In fact he found material evidence documenting this connection. It is described in the book [1S3] Jack Stoneley, "Tunguska: Cauldron of Hell", A Star Book, A Howard and Wyndham Company, 123 King Street, London 1977, ISBN 0-352-39619-9, page 148. Here is the relevant quotation:
"Zigel talks of another form of UFO 'left-over' found by geophysicist Alexander Zayekin at Tambov, south of Moscow. He calls it 'space tumbleweed' and claims it contained 'intertwining metal needles each about five to eight centimetres long and a half a millimetre in diameter'. 'The needles,' he goes on, 'were of an unknown brittle, grey-coloured metal'."
It seems that at Tambov a UFO crew changed the worn out electrodes from the Oscillatory Chambers of their vehicle, and afterwards threw away or forgot the packets of old, damaged electrodes.

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