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Normale Version: S2. Indirect confirmations that UFOs use Oscillatory Chambers
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S2. Indirect confirmations that UFOs use Oscillatory Chambers

The evidence collected in previous subsections probably represents only a small fraction of the vast amount of facts spread amongst various publications, which directly document that UFO vehicles already utilize Oscillatory Chambers in their propulsors. The identification and revealing of this evidence turned out to be a slow process, as it involves a lot of research.
In the process of searching for direct evidence, I have encountered some indirect evidence as well. This indirect evidence also leads to the conclusion that the Oscillatory Chamber is used in UFOs. But this conclusion is not obvious and must be reached by logical deduction. However, because the use of such indirect evidence in the proof concerning UFOs could be the subject of criticism on the part of sceptically inclined investigators, the presentation of facts belonging to this indirect class will be omitted (after all the direct evidence already presented here well suffices to prove the thesis of this chapter). But to give readers some idea as how consistently these facts support the main thesis of this chapter, the main groups of them will be named. These groups are as follows:
(1) Numerous observers noted that a magnetic field of UFOs does not attract or repel ferromagnetic objects. As it is explained in subsection C7.3 /?/, only the appropriate arrangements of Oscillatory Chambers can produce such a non-interacting (antigravity-type) magnetic field.
(2) No one observed any products of "combustion" which in the case when UFOs produce their energy from some kind of a fuel would need to be exhausted. Furthermore, no device which could serve for the burning of fuel and producing energy was observed on UFOs. This in turn means that the reserves of energy in these vehicles must be accumulated in the form of the circulating flux in their twin-chamber capsules, not carried by them in the form of fuel.
(3) UFO crews never mention that a fuel supply is required for their vehicles, or that they produce energy during the flight through burning a fuel. Although the same crews frequently mention that the cubical devices (twin-chamber capsules formed from Oscillatory Chambers) witnessed in their spacecraft store their reserves of energy - see subsection S1.4.

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