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S1.4. Oscillatory Chambers have been seen on the decks of UFOs as described by
numerous abductees

Probably the most important source of evidence that UFOs already utilize Oscillatory Chambers originates from the reports of people abducted on the decks of UFOs - for details see chapter U. While being taken on the deck of a UFO, they have an opportunity to observe at least two types of Oscillatory Chambers, i.e.: (1) taking the form of twin-chamber capsules utilized by UFOnauts as various tools, and (2) taking the form of twin-chamber capsules used as propulsors of a given UFO.
A large proportion of people abducted on the deck of a UFO describe telekinetic twin- chamber capsules used by UFOnauts as various tools. The best example that I encountered in my research to-date, is a New Zealander with initials R.B. (he expressed the wish that his name is not revealed) who visited a compartment on a UFO that we would describe as a "medical surgery". While there, UFOnauts demonstrated to him a huge cabinet literally packed with tens of telekinetic twin-chamber capsules similar to semi-transparent crystals of the size of an average handle for a screwdriver. Each of these capsules represented a medical instrument for a different application. After being picked up, they make the impression of heavy crystals with perfect, regular, symmetrical shapes, smooth surfaces, and pleasant, cool feeling in touch. The triggering of their operation occurred after their side walls were squeezed. When squeezed they emitted from the front a telekinetic beam having the ability for almost instant healing of a given type of medical problem (some of them simultaneously produced also a narrow beam of the strong, laser-like light). The abductee R.B. was so impressed with the demonstration of their instant healing effects that later he filled up his flat with ordinary crystals (i.e. made of minerals appearing on Earth) from which he now stubbornly tries to squeeze similar healing properties.
In the effect of the intensive search to-date I have also collected a number of reports describing Oscillatory Chambers used in UFO propulsors. Each one of these originates from a different, independent witness. But all of them seem to describe in detail the same device whose properties correspond exactly to the envisaged appearance and operation of the Oscillatory Chamber. Let us review the key information from these reports.
The greatest luck in respect of seeing the Oscillatory Chamber was had by nine-year-old Gaynor Sunderland, who observed this device twice: once as an outside witness of a landed UFO and next time as an abductee on the deck of a UFO. The description of the device that she saw is contained in [1S1.4] J. Randles & P. Whetnall, "Alien Contact", Neville Spearman Ltd., Suffolk, Great Britain, 1981, ISBN 85435-444-1, pages 9 to 13, and 76.
The first of the mentioned encounters took place in Oakenholt near Flint, North Wales, England, one afternoon (around 2 PM) on a Saturday in July 1976. The girl observed a landed UFO (probably K4 type) from a distance of about 30 metres. On the top of this vehicle she noticed a cubical device visible through the transparent topside dome - see Figure A1 /?/. Its attributes and the location suggest that it was a twin-chamber capsule from the vehicle's main propulsor. Quoted below is Gaynor's description of the vehicle and its mysterious device (see [1S1.4] page 9):
"The object was flat at the bottom with a kind of rim surrounding it. It glinted silvery in the sunshine as if made of metal or tinfoil, and stretched about thirty feet {9 metres} from rim to rim, rising to a shallow dome of about ten feet {3 metres}. On top was a small, square box - dull red in colour."
Four pages later (i.e. on page 13) the UFO prepares itself for a departure. The cubical device is mentioned again:
"Immediately the red box on top of the dome began to flash brightly, on and off. It was apparent that preparations for departure were being made."
At this point it is worth mentioning that the description of a cubical twin-chamber capsule of a UFO, almost identical to that of quoted above, was sent to me by Mrs. Christa de Vries (Eichendorffstraβe 2, D-2903 Bad-Zwischenahn, Germany - Europe) in her private letter dated 10 March 1992. In 1979 she was driving alone on a lone road crossing an unpopulated area. She noted a UFO which for a significant part of her trip was flying parallel to her car along the side of the road. During that incident she had a good opportunity to observe the vehicle that accompanied her so willingly. One of the details visible through the transparent shell on the top of this vehicle was a fascinating cubical device emanating flashes, which looked as if having a spinning fire locked inside of it. The positioning of this cube in the centre of the UFO, as well as its appearance, suggest that it was a twin-chamber capsule used in the main propulsor of this vehicle.
Returning now to the previous report taken from [1S1.4], on page 76 of the same book there is a report of Gaynor's September 1979 abduction on the deck of a UFO. Again she saw the main twin-chamber capsule of this vehicle, occupying the centre of the crew cabin. Here is its description:
"In the centre of the floor ... stood an octagonal object in a box. It looked like a crystal with plug sockets and wires leading from it into one end of the wall. She was told that this crystal generated the power needed by the object to move, although how was not explained."
At this point it should be emphasised that the above description presents an extremely rare observation of octagonal Oscillatory Chambers of the second generation (see subsection C3.1 /?/). Thus most probably Gaynor was abducted onto the deck of a UFO of the second generation (i.e. the telekinetic vehicle). In the corner of the cabin, where all wires led to, most probably a log-computer which controlled the flight of this UFO was placed.
In December 1979 a New Zealand citizen was taken on a UFO deck for some genetic experiments and a medical examination. This person asked me not to reveal her real name, thus in this monograph she is referred to as Miss Nosbocaj. After the completion of the examination, as usually in such occasions, the UFO doctor proposed the abductee a guided tour around the spaceship. One of numerous attractions Miss Nosbocaj observed during the tour was a fascinating device in the shape of a cubical block, rock, or crystal. It was glowing strongly and emitted countless lightening flashes. A view of it was provided from every compartment of the spacecraft. Two years after the abduction Miss Nosbocaj provided a detailed report of her observations. A full copy of her report given during the first series of investigations under hypnosis, is provided in appendix Z. Here is the description of the mysterious device in the shape of a regular crystal, repeated from the verse N-90 of the appendix Z, quote:
"... there's a big cylinder going right down the middle of the spaceship; it looks like it's made out of crystal or something but I'm sure there's some big white glowing block or something in there. That's got something to do with power, lightning or something."
In the next stage of touring, the alien guide explained (see verses N-98 of appendix Z), quote:
"The whole universe revolves on the positive and negative, that is, that is our power, that is how we fly, using the positive and negative ...".
While reading this report, it is difficult to imagine a better description of the central cylinder of a UFO together with its main propulsor, (see 3, 13, and M in Figure F5) given by a non-trained observer.
In January 1985 I met Miss Nosbocaj personally. As a result of this meeting a number of further details on the device utilized by UFOs was revealed. In the January meeting, again the information was confirmed that the crystal-like device she saw suspended in a vertical transparent cylinder running through the centre of the vehicle was used by this UFO for propulsion and energy storage. It had the shape of a precisely cut crystal or transparent chamber, with flat, shiny, rectangular walls and perfectly regular shapes. Along the inner surfaces of the device golden streams of flickering sparks zigzag horizontally. The thickness and pattern of these sparks reminded the observer of the "system of veins on the hand of an overworked person".
The most evidential and informative sighting of the UFO Oscillatory Chamber is contained in [2S1.4] Raymond E. Fowler, "The Andreasson Affair, Phase Two", Prentice Hall, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey 07632, USA, 1982, ISBN 0-13-036624-2, page 69. This sighting is part of the report from Mr Robert Luca's medical examination conducted on a UFO deck. This is how he described his observation (the description quoted is reproduced by kind permission from Mrs Betty A. Luca, copyright holder):
"Then there's a box on the other side that's behind this bench and I can see from standing. It looks like a glass cube and it fascinates me 'cause it's filled with, looks like black smoke. It looks like there's lightning inside it or something gold. Looks like it has streaks of gold running all through it - a bright, bright gold. It's a cube, maybe not a yard square. No, it's less than three feet and it's got all little lightning bolts inside it. It's all black with these gold streaks running through it. It looks like the lightning has been frozen right in its path."
Figure 13 from [2S1.4] presents also the reconstruction (drawing) of the appearance of the above-mentioned cube, prepared by Mrs Betty A Luca. This reconstruction is reproduced in Figure S6. The drawing corresponds exactly to how we envisage the future appearance of the Oscillatory Chamber (compare Figures S6 and C3). Notice that although UFO propulsors utilize twin-chamber capsules, instead of single Oscillatory Chambers, because of the mode in which this particular capsule operated (i.e. inner flux prevalence), the outlines of the inner chamber were unrecognizable to the witness behind a black bar of the magnetic field (see also Figure C6).
In answer to my inquiry about how the assumed appearance of the Oscillatory Chamber (shown here in Figure C3 "a") corresponds to the cube sighted by him on a UFO deck, Mr Robert Luca replied:
"Yes! Your Fig. {C3} illustration looks very much like what was seen."
His wife, Mrs Betty A. Luca, in her private letter to me dated on 4th March 1985 supplemented the above description with the following data:
"There is a second book {[3S1.4]} called, "The Andreasson Affair". This pertains to my 1947 encounter. I did see a hatch (square with rounded corners) that had wind and lightning coming out of it. It appeared to be in suspended animation. This was their stored energy. At the bottom (after the wind and lightning was withdrawn) I saw four coils and one hollow cylinder. At the other end of the hatch (coming from the curved wall) I then saw the square like device pulled partially out of the wall. The outer edge was sort of honeycombed. Inside had thin protruding stems with tiny glass droplets on the end. There were also clusters of needle wires pointing outward."
One may wonder at this point if it is possible to receive a more precise description of a twin-chamber capsule from an untrained observer who has never seen it before and who does not know the theory behind it.

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