Geheimnisvolle Welten - Tajemnicze światy - Mysterious worlds - Dr. Jan Pająk

Normale Version: S. Evidence confirming the use of the oscillary chamber on UFOs
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In this monograph two groups of premises are confronted. On one hand, theoretical premises are presented in chapters C to F, which highlight the central importance of Oscillatory Chambers for all Magnocraft-like space vehicles. An example of these can be the presentation from subsection F2.2 /?/ which reveals that Oscillatory Chambers are placed on both edges of the living compartment, thus practically they must be seen from almost every cabin of the Magnocraft. On the other hand this monograph also contains some empirical premises which show that our planet is continually visited by some extraterrestrial civilizations that already have operational Magnocraft. An example of these is the formal proof addressed in chapter P which reveals that UFOs are already operational Magnocraft. Combining both these groups of premises allows for the proposal of the thesis of this chapter which directly reinforces the main thesis of the monograph. The thesis of this chapter states that: "The Oscillatory Chamber is already utilized in UFOs as their power source (propulsor) and energy storage". The deductions that follow in the further parts of this chapter are to prove the truth of this thesis.
The proof that UFOs utilize the Oscillatory Chamber as their propulsor is easy to provide. It only requires the collecting of evidence that the Oscillatory Chamber is included in the structure of these vehicles, and then arranging this evidence according to the methodology of "matching attributes" already described in subsection P1. Subsections that follow contain such evidence in plenty.
The more difficult task is to prove that UFOs do not use any fuel for their operation, and that their entire energy supply is stored in the form of a magnetic field (i.e. circulating flux) within the arrangements of Oscillatory Chambers called here twin-chamber capsules. To complete this proof it is necessary to provide evidence that the Oscillatory Chambers of discoidal UFOs are in fact arranged into twin-chamber capsules whose circulating flux allows the storage of huge amounts of energy. (Thus also to indirectly prove that the circulating flux trapped in UFOs within their twin-chamber capsules performs the function which is an equivalent to the fuel from "fuel tanks" of our present vehicles.) Fortunately, I have managed to find extensive evidence which documents this as well, including statements of UFOnauts themselves, who confirmed verbally on a number of occasions that the devices which are identified here as twin-chamber capsules, in UFOs perform the function of propulsion and energy storage.
To prove the truth of the thesis of this chapter, I completed large-scale investigations aimed at identifying the evidence required. As a result, numerous facts have been established, all of which indicate the long-standing and continuous use of Oscillatory Chambers on Earth by some advanced civilizations. These facts can be classified into the following categories:
1. Contemporary observations and photographs of the Oscillatory Chambers used in the propulsors of UFOs.
2. Material evidence left on Earth that originates from the Oscillatory Chambers of UFOs.
3. Mythological references to devices which can be interpreted as Oscillatory Chambers.
4. Historic descriptions of devices which seem to represent the ancient version of the Oscillatory Chamber.
The first subsections of this chapter present the evidence from each subsequent category in support of the thesis. The conclusion is presented in the last subsection.

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