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R6. Philosophical trap

To complement the previous subsection R5, it is worth to mention here about "philosophical traps". These are awaiting in cases of attempts to explain "rationally" old stories and legends of the type listed before. These traps are simply mental stereotypes, that people of our times acquired in the result of present level of knowledge, technology, philosophy, etc., and which without a second thought we assign to people that lived in other epochs. We keep forgetting in such cases, that the knowledge, technology, and philosophy of such people from other epochs, were much different from ours. Thus they thought in a manner completely different than we think today.
A best example of such "philosophical traps" is Figure R7. The origin and meaning of this Figure is quite controversial. But in my personal opinion it presents someone's report from either the observation of a person that used a magnetic personal propulsion system, or from experiences of a person that used such a propulsion system. Everything indicates that this Figure is a wood engraving that illustrated a "fantastic story" by Cyrano de Bergerac published in 1656 and entitled "Comical History of the States and Empires of the Moon" (in French original: "Historia comique des états et empires de la lune"). Some people claim, that this drawing can be explained easily in a "rational" manner, as showing Mr Cyrano himself floating up to the Moon with the aid of "magical bottles - balloons". Such people claim also, that this drawing has no any evidential value, because everyone may drop into an idea of floating in the air with the aid of several balloons attached to the body. Even stories for children, and Disney films, present this means of transportation. Unfortunately by postulating such an explanation, these people just fall into this "philosophical trap" being explained in this subsection. In case of Figure R7 this trap depends on the fact, that the use of several balloons attached to the body as a means of ascending into the air, is characteristic to only present level of philosophy and knowledge. Thus it cannot be extrapolated to people living in old times. If one makes an effort of checking the history of human technology, balloons as means of ascending into the air were invented only at the end of XVIII century. The first unmanned flight of a balloon took place on 4 June 1783, while the first manned flight of a balloon with two people on board, occurred on 21 November 1784. And we must remember that these were flights in a balloon on heated air, not flights in a balloon filled with a gas or a "dew" that is lighter than air. So in times when the story from Figure R7 was published, means in 1656, no- one was able to make fantasies about the use of balloons for ascending into the air, for a simple reason that balloons were not invented yet.
In addition to the above it is worth to add, that the biggest puzzle of this falling into "philosophical traps" is why some people feel such powerful internal urge to explain everything in a manner which they call "rational", even if their explanations are exactly contradictive to the logic and to the present knowledge "in the name of which" these explanations are coined. After all, their need for a "rational explanation" is very selective and limits itself exclusively to topics that in subsection VB5.1.1 /?/ are listed as these that are intensely blocked on Earth by UFOnauts. For example, if someone expressed any opinion contradictive to present knowledge about any subject that is not on the list from subsection VB5.1.1 /?/, then almost never anyone in the vicinity begins to correct him and claim something along the lines: "you are at wrong because according to the newest quantum physics or theory of relativity this what you describe is actually as follows ... (and here would be provided details that correct the original person)". However, if someone provides an explanation which postulates the existence of UFOnauts, UFOs, telekinesis, etc., then immediately someone in the vicinity is unable to hold back, and is emotionally starting to correct and to contradict the original presenter, providing such heavy artillery as "Occam razor", "rational thinking", present science", etc., - see subsection A3. The only explanation for the existence of this inner need to protest and to correct, is that people in an unaware manner are constantly manipulated with telepathic commands, to vigorously fight against this type of information. In turn all individuals most susceptive to this manipulation, simply are unable to resit these telepathic commands.
Between us, all explanations involving UFOs, including the one presented in subsection R5 that explains the evidential significance of Figure R7, are also fully "rational" and agreeable with the present empirical knowledge. Only that present orthodox fanatics of "rational thinking" are too blinded by telepathic commands of UFOnauts, to be able to notice this.

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