Geheimnisvolle Welten - Tajemnicze światy - Mysterious worlds - Dr. Jan Pająk

Normale Version: NK. Gos's promotion of totalizm and parasitism
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In the universe nothing happens (nor can happen) without the approval and silent support from the omnipotent God. After all, God controls the software time. So even if in the universe any events occur which would be against the God's will, then God still can shift time back, while in the new elapse of time do NOT allow these events to take place. The existence of such a method of correcting all errors and mistakes of the past through shifting time back, is explained more comprehensively in subsection NG5.1 from this volume. Of course, an event which in order to occur must also receive NOT only a silent support from God, but additionally His inspiration and help, was writing this chapter. This in turn immediately induces a question: "why God inspired and supported the writing of this chapter which explains to people that God created two opposite histories of the world, and that this true history is the one that is most thoroughly hidden?" After all, many people who are going to read this chapter may feel grudge towards God that He intentionally leads human scientists into a blunder through creating the "simulated history of the universe and man", which human scientists take for a true one. So it is worth to answer this question for a simple reason to understand that whatever God does, He always have very important reasons and goals regarding it. In case of inspiring this chapter, the main reason and goal is the need to induce in people thinking over and taking a stand in matters raised here. After all, we people are created by God to seek truth, while coming closer to truth always requires in-depth consideration of every matter from many points of view. The inspiring of this chapter has several further goals as well. For example, in eyes of God this chapter probably is to illustrate the "human" attributes of God, which in our mechanical prayers are revealed by words "on earth as in heaven", but the meaning of which truly understand only very sparse number of people. Furthermore, God clearly wishes to unteach us the to-date adherence to various fears (of the kind that with our search for truth we may commit a blasphemy), "taboo" (i.e. intentional silencing supposedly forbidden topics), or discriminations of selected topics because these could offend someone's authority. After all, if someone really tries to find a truth, then he or she must pursue this truth and seek it without adherence to any prejudices. God wants that all of us are devoted to search for truth and to adherence to truth. This is even expressed in the Bible authorised by God Himself - see John 4:23: "...the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him." After all, searching for truth is the requirement of our path to knowledge, and also the main criterion on the basis of which God judges all of us.

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