Geheimnisvolle Welten - Tajemnicze światy - Mysterious worlds - Dr. Jan Pająk

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@ Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk

(1) This monograph is a subsequent publication in a whole series of 18 scientific

monographs by the author. Each chapter and subsection of this series is marked with a next letter of alphabet. Chapters and subsections marked with letters other than these provided in the list of content above are positioned in different monographs (volumes) of this series. The full list of content for all 18 monographs (volumes) of this series is provided in the first monograph (volume 1).
(2) A Polish language version of this series of monographs [1/5] is also available. Therefore, in case there is any difficulty with accessing an English version of this monograph, while the reader knows the Polish language, then it could be beneficial for him or her to read the Polish version of this monograph.
(3) Both language versions in this series of monographs [1/5], namely English and Polish, use the same illustrations. Only captions under these illustrations use a different language. Therefore, if illustrations for the English version are difficult to access or unreadable, then illustrations for the Polish version can be used equally well. It is also worth to know, that enlarged copies of all the illustrations for these monographs [1/5] are made available in the Internet. So in order to e.g. examine enlarged copies of these illustrations, it is worth to view them directly from the Internet. To find them, the reader needs to find any totaliztic web page which I authorise, e.g. by typing the key word “totalizm” to any search engine (e.g. to, and then, after running a totaliztic web page, the reader needs to run from it the web page named “text_1_5.htm” available on the same server, or choose the option [1/5] from the menu of that totaliztic web page. Note that all totaliztic web pages allow also the uploading of free copies of this entire series of monographs [1/5].
(4) If the reader would find easier to read this monograph from a hard copy (printout) than reading it from a computer screen, it is worth to know that the PDF format in which this volume is prepared is "ready to print”. In case of reading it from a computer screen, a simultaneous opening of two copies of this volume could be helpful, as it allows to open the first copy on the text while the second copy on the Figures, then allows to just jump from one window to another one when changing from reading text to looking at illustrations, or vice versa.
(5) The update and reediting of this fifth edition of [1/5] is going to progress gradually. But readers can realize from the content pages which chapters and subsections are already reedited, or are just subjected to reediting, because on the title page these are marked with the comment "Proof Copy ([1/5E] in the process of updating)”. The remaining chapters and subsections of this monograph still should be digested in the formulation that was made for the previous, fourth edition [1/4] of this monograph.
(6) Note that the spelling used in this series of monographs is a mixture of US and UK English. The reason is that subsequent updates of this monograph ware carried out at several different countries, some of which officially used US English, some other - UK English.
(7) To improve the structure of this series of monographs [1/5], the order of chapters and subsections from various volumes was slightly changed in relation to this order that appeared in the older monograph [1/4].