A9. Sirens, whales, and dolphins – means relatives and genetic ancestors of humans
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A9. Sirens, whales, and dolphins – means relatives and genetic ancestors of humans

An increasingly significant evidence indicates that the man evolved from a water creature, or more specifically from a kind of a "siren" or a "nymph". In my opinion, everything indicates that these extraordinary water creatures, which in legends are described under the name of "sirens" or "nymphs", are the "missing link" which is searched for so stubbornly on lands by the official human science. Only that these creatures got extinct already several thousands years ago, while anthropologists do not carry out diggings on bottoms of seas to be able to detect their remains over there. Fortunately, close relatives of this creature survived on Earth until today. These are sea animals belonging to a general group of "cetaceans", to which belong "whales", "dolphins", and "porpoises". Thus, in my personal opinion, from the point of view of true genealogy, whales, dolphins and porpoises are much more close relatives of people than e.g. monkeys. (Perhaps this explains why in recent times there must be such a vicious battle over the saving of whales from a complete hunting down by Japan, Norway, and Island. Probably these nations which fight for the right to kill whales do not wish to have alive on Earth any animal relatives.)
A whole range of data which we know from mythology, points to the fact that creatures which in human myths are described under the name of "sirens" and "nymphs" most probably are these "missing links" - means are evolutionary ancestors of the man. For example, we know that these creatures had a high intelligence, and that they developed beginning of the speech. After all, the mythology frequently indicates that these sirens used to "sing" loudly. (From this singing probably the name for present warning alarm sirens was coined.) It is also known that these creatures were very similar to humans. Supposedly female sirens had the shape, appearance, and sexual organs so similar to these from human women, that old time sailors used them as substitutes for women. Furthermore, these sirens are NOT at all products of human imagination, because they exists in mythologies of almost every nation on Earth. In turn, on the example of the German archaeologist-hobbyist, Heinrich Schliemann, who in 1870 managed to locate the ancient Troy just on basis of mythology, is already known that mythology is in fact a spoken history, only that for some reasons these evil powers mentioned in item #J3 of the web page named “evolution.htm” do not want people consider the historic truths which the spoken mythology tries to pass to us.

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